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Italeri 1/9 bike kits?

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hay been looking at  Italeri 1/6 kits, they seem really good with seporate fork parts.
but ive also found that they did some 1/9 bike kits(really want the 998 ducati and mv augsta f4) but the quality of the 1/9 kits look really bad, does anyone know if the 1/9 kits are reboxed protar kits? as ive already wasted 40 quid on a protar kit and it was a total mess.

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No sure on if they were reboxed but I did have the Ducati 2007 moto gp bike andnthat was pretty good but like most italeri kits needs work. 



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Morning Gents :bye:

Tim, a lot of the Italeri 1/9th scale are reboxed Protar kits, among others. Some of them are good, some not so good but mainly because they are such old kits, but they still build up into nice kits 


:bandit:Mad Steve:bandit:

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morning all,i've built 1/9 bikes for 50 years,most early protar are great models with lots of detail some even had crankshaft,con rods and pistons,but as stated do need some work,namely the swift kits but surely thats all part of modeling, making the kit better than out of the box? The only problem i've got is that no one wants to produce them,this seems strange as  there is a market as prices on ebay show. I must really stop getting on this soap box

                                            have a good day modeling


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This is a very old build now - and gets wheeled out occasionally ... usually in circumstances such as this .......................


This is built from the Revell repop of the Italeri son of Protar moulds. Heavily massaged I'll grant you, but nothing your average modeller couldn't cope with. ............... pics then ...













So, with a little work, and some imagination these old "Swift" kits can be made to acquit themselves quite admirably on most any modellers shelf.



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You will need all of your skills for a Protar kit, that doesn't mean they are crappy, quite the reverse , If you want iconic m/c model kits they are some of the best. But you will hafta suck it up . princess...


 The limitations of IM and the tiny details of m/c's to begin with have hamstrung manufacturer's from the start. Most who want custom , race or esoteric subjects have always had a certain amount of scratchbuilding to contend with.

 Here is Revell's 1/9 cop bike (who would build one of those?) transformed into a 1970's Top Fuel Hillclimber:




 The Italeri kits mentioned here are very simplified if I remember correctly, the Duc engine being in 2 halves , and the MV the same way. I collect m/c kits and traded both away as they were too basic.

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