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Cats, they're taking over. Part 3


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  • 4 weeks later...

Ever get he feeling your being watched? :huh:






I think the local cat mafia have me under surveillance! :shutup:


Cat at the window is Ivan. He lives a few doors down and will sit there until you go out and give him a fuss - then he'll clear off. Cat on the roof is the local trouble maker Charlie. Was in the shed and heard a racket on the roof. Went out and found him peering down at me like that!





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We have a new cat, Wilf. He is about three years old and is predominantly black with white bib and socks and loves company. Apparently he was bought into our vets after being found in a garden and had lost a lot of fur to a flea allergy. The vets looked after him and Mrs T was contacted by one of the nurses (daughter of a friend) as no one wanted him and there was a concern that he would be put down. He is quite thin and his fur looks as if it is growing back, even in the week we have had him. Wilf is obviously used to being in a house and is very friendly. This makes a change from his neurotic predecessor. Photos to follow when camera sorted. 

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Don't exactly know what happened, I believe she had a fight trying to defend her territory, but the vet told me I could have lost her.


She went back very late on sunday, and could barely walk.

I couldn't see any wounds, but she made me knows without any doubts that her back hurts.

Was really afraid about an internal haemorrhage at first, but she refused to drink or eat, so I decided she could wait till the next morning to see the vet.

I left her there the whole next day, and get her back home in the evening.

She's nearly fine now.




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Well, she's fine, really, running everywhere in the house, also jumping but not too high, and thinking twice before doing it!

She doesn't  like the antibiotics I gave her two times a day, and she try to run away each time she see me with a syringe in my hand. But you can't really run away when the kitchen's door is already closed...

I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow for a checkup, as I'm afraid there might be a pocket of pus under the skin on one side.

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Now the servants of Mabel & Winnie, my other half’s cats reclaimed from her ex.

who have now spent 3 weeks scattering white hair over absolutely everywhere 🙂 

pics when I cut some down to correct file size

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