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Cats, they're taking over. Part 3


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On 12/22/2021 at 4:27 PM, Natter said:

You have finished your latest model, and you're well chuffed with the result. You have painted, masked, polished, screwed your eyes up to paint the details and give yourself a concentrations headache or ten along the way. You have cleaned and polished, given your all. Now comes the time to share your pleasure with like minded modellers, so the infinity background is set up and the camera settings duly adjusted. You take your photos, lots of them at slightly different settings to get the ones that are 'just right' and do your model as much justice as the camera ever allows. You come to edit and post the photos and....




It's a flippin' cat hair! Cats, and their fur. They take over.




Out you go to take the photos all over again...


There is always a bright side. At least I can pretend it's the cat's hair and not mine.

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7 hours ago, keefr22 said:

Merry Christmas to you all, and all your feline friends - hope they get all the treats they love.....!! :)


Keith & JJ





And with a bit of luck he might even let you use his chair occasionally!

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- Aliens do exist; she's one and I met  them........ I just escape desintegration..






- Watch your six Alf your time as cat eater is over - Asta la vista Baby........!


( Well seriously it not a trick or some photoshop job....Only the flashlight of my camera reflected by its eyes)



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Do any of your cats have particularly odd habits? 


Apart from lying on her back up against the living room door, Merry has recently developed a fixation with one of the wardrobes in our bedroom. Before she comes to bed she insists that the wardrobe door is opened and she will then sit motionless for anything up to fifteen minutes just staring into it. There is nothing unusual or particularly interesting there, only my wife's clothes and shoes and Merry never makes any attempt to go in. She just sits and stares. Staring into the wardrobe has become part of her nightly ritual and until she has done it she won't come to bed or settle down.


Strange things cats.



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Wilf sits with his nose right up against the radiator in the living room when it is on. He will sit there motionless for about five or so minutes at a time. He loves being warm more than any cat we have had. I think it is because he was living rough for a while  in the colder months of the year. 

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Both of ours - but particularly Percy - will suddenly break into a wild shouting, running about routine at least once a day. It's hilarious. Also, if Percy is being naughty (like trying to get onto the kitchen counters) and you tell him no, he'll run into another room and have a temper tantrum. Splendid little folk.

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@Beermonster1958 He's a handsome brute 👍


Was in carpark at work this morning having some 'fresh air' and this chap came out of the bushes, sat down and started meowing for some grub! 




I work very close to home and Squeak (as i call him) comes round our place for a feed rather often. He must have thought his luck was in when he saw me, except i don't carry cat food in me pockets! 




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