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Scale Modelworld 2017


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As the song goes, our bags are packed-we're ready to go. There's just time to let you know what you can expect on our stand at Telford


* You can pre-order Airframe & Miniature No 11-The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Late Series book and save £3.00 combined on cover price and postage. The book is due in early December


* It may be your last chance to grab a copy of some of our books-AM3 Fw 190D, AM7 Fw 190 Radial-engine, AM8 Mosquito Part 1, Airframe Album 10 Me 163 and AD1 Bv 141 are in very short supply


* Save even more money by investing in our book bundles


* Steve Evans, author of Airframe Extra 7 on The Suez Crisis will be with us. Ask him nicely and he might sign your copy.


* We have 33% off all remaining Quickboost, Barracudacast and Valiant Wings accessories


* Need canopy masks for older kits in your stash? We have a wealth of Eduard vinyl masks at 50p each


* We are selling off kits that we have bought for book research. We may have that old or collletable gem that you have been looking for


* We have good stocks of Mr Hobby paint and materials if you need to stock up for your modelling escape over Christmas


Come and find us in Hall 1, Row F. See you there.

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