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The Forgotten RFI - Admiral/AZModel 1:72 Mitsubishi Ki-30 'Ann' Bomber

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Hi all,


Having revisited my first-ever WIP thread on this forum this evening, with a view to replacing the many Photobucket ransom demands with appropriate pics from my Flickr album, it occurred to me that I never actually got round to completing a proper RFI thread for the finished model. I think at the time the lack of any facility for taking a decent photo, coupled with the feeling that the resulting quality (compared to the many masterpieces shown here) didn't really warrant it, meant that I just quietly forgot about it.


The WIP was posted way back in February 2016, and can be found here in case you are interested.


I recently took some RFI pics for my Alam Halfa diorama, and once they were done I took the opportunity to take some of the Ki-30. I feel now that I can share these, on the basis that I owe it to myself to heed whatever observations and criticisms are coming to me. This subject marked a return to modelling for me after a gap of some 30+ years, so not surprisingly the results are a little bit 'ragged'. So with that in mind, and a deep breath, I offer this set of photos:




















So there you go - better late than never, and all that! All criticisms gladly accepted :)


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Hi Clive,


I like the weathering you've achieved, especially the metallic effect. I'm also fond of IJA and IJN subjects, so two thumbs up!






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Its one of the more effectively weathered Japanese finishes I have seen. The radio aerial could do with being a bit thinner but by no means does the build look out of place here. Have more confidence in yourself.



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13 hours ago, Thud4444 said:

Great model of an ugly plane. Nice work. 

Thanks Mr Thud, I appreciate that :thumbsup2:

3 hours ago, James G said:

Lovely finish on this, nicely done.

Thanks James, most kind of you.

13 hours ago, Martian Hale said:

Its one of the more effectively weathered Japanese finishes I have seen. The radio aerial could do with being a bit thinner but by no means does the build look out of place here. Have more confidence in yourself.



Thanks Martian! I guess when I was new to the forum I was so overwhelmed with the quality of models being turned out by everyone on here, it was a major leap for me just to start a WIP thread!


13 hours ago, neil5208 said:

Impressive weathering, what technique did you use to achieve this please


Thanks Neil, as a relative new-comer as it were - well, returning to the hobby after a long lay-off - I found a bewildering array of techniques being used by the good people on here, so this model was my opportunity to at least try them. The WIP thread (link in the text of the original post above) will show some of the pics, but in summary it was my first go at chipping, pre-shading and pin-washing, as well as the use of 'Klear' as a means to protect paint layers prior to applying a subsequent coat.


The chipping of course needed some prep, not the least of which was the initial 'metallic' undercoat which would then be revealed after the top layer had been removed. The chipping effect was done by dabbing areas of the metal paintwork with Maskol, which is nothing more advanced than Copydex glue with a fancy colour and a fancy name - which of course justifies the fancy price tag! The top camo scheme was then painted over the top, and once dried the Maskol was peeled off to show the metallic colour underneath. I had some difficulty seeing where I had successfully put the Maskol until the time came to remove it! Notwithstanding the obvious fact that I am my own worst critic, I would readily admit to over-doing the chipping somewhat!


The pre-shading was done with an artist's sharp-tipped felt pen rather than an air brush. I did have one at the time, I just couldn't summon the will to sift through the huge pile of junk in the shed in order to get to it. As it was, the result was OK, aside from when I applied the Klear coat, it caused the pre-shading to run like cheap mascara! Lesson learned there!


The pin wash was a bit of a bust for me, as I couldn't for the life of me get the consistency of the oil paint right, still less the actual technique - In truth, what I ended up doing would probably be better described as a 'sludge wash'. Incidentally, all of these are good search terms to use in You-Tube searches - there are some very informative video clips to be found for all manner of modelling tricks as wheezes.


Hope this helps, and thanks for your interest :thumbsup2:


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The only regrettable part of your post is that January 2016 was 'way back'... some of my more recent builds were finished before that!


Great model, none of our 'first kit back' efforts are as good as those done after we have our 'eye in'.  But your model is more than respectable, it's a little beauty.

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Thanks Francis, yes although the camera was a good one, the low light levels in my 'cave' and my reluctance to use flash, meant that I really should invest in a small tripod. It's on my shopping list! 



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