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Saab Draken J35 XD, Danish Airforce (Eduard, 1/48)

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Good morning,


well, after a "little" break (house building, lost mojo.....) i´ll get back - here´s my latest model


Saab Draken J35 XD in danish service

Eduard Kit

Eduard RBF tags

Coastal display case

Tamiya Colors














i hope you folks like it, happy i´m back at the modelling bench!


Cheers, Oliver


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Im sure its great work but im only seeing a photobucket page saying you need to enable 3rd party hosting. 


As i use a cellular and still cant see anything.  I will take everyone elses collective and give you a 👍’s up. 

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Thank you, gents!

As said before, the draken was a wonderfully aircraft, still a beauty and i hope i made her prode!

Building time was about 3 months, the kit is lovely and i enjoyed every minute spending on it!

Cheers, Oliver.


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