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HMS Belfast 1/350

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I'm at a loss to know why I didn't catch this first time around.

It (they) is superb - totally inspiring.

Congratulations - I particularly like the excellent camo/paint job(s)




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incredible work - really amazing!


I like the BW pics but I have to say honestly the colour ones are more "alive". Most WW2 pics of course are in BW and somehow something as realistic-looking as this it really deserves, and makes the absolute most of, colour.


congratulations on three very fine builds. My parents quite like the Belfast so I sent them the link along with the email: "this is way beyond my skill level"!

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On 12/01/2018 at 20:34, Guest said:

:worthy:Excellent work,:worthy:thanks for sharing:penguin:.Wish they did a 1950 version,after she received the square bridge.         .:goodjob: 

Yes ,all the words have been used ,excellent build,agreed wish there was a 1950 version. 

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