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Hobbyboss Leopard 2A4M, a nice kit though I did not particularly enjoy the build gave up on the kit tracks in the end,

26162412329_3c942cd408_b.jpgthumbnail_20170729_131714 by Steve Scanlon, on Flickr

26162440009_c5f24bedd9_b.jpgthumbnail_20170815_172709 by Steve Scanlon, on Flickr

37228828894_ab73c0497b_b.jpgthumbnail_20170812_174104 by Steve Scanlon, on Flickr

37228835554_66b46ea036_b.jpgthumbnail_20170815_172734 by Steve Scanlon, on Flickr

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Thank you gentlemen, I actually took the rubber band tracks out my Hobby boss 2A6 kit and used them, not very good at all took a bit of work but eventually I got them to look half decent but not great , daft thing is it took best of show Allied and Nato armour and best of show Canadian subject in our recent IPMS show,  very strange how things work out.

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