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I enjoyed the 1/72 version of this kit so much I ordered the Bandai 1/144 scale Y-Wing which promptly arrived in the post via a South American river. 

A little box art to whet your whistle.



Gratuitous sprue shot



Sticker placement guide for those who plan to use them (not me)



And neatly hidden instructions inside the box lid (magnifying glass not included).



Not content with building out of the box I started with hollowing out the blaster cannon and carving away some of the supporting plastic from the base.



Steering vanes required opening up so out with the drill and scalpel




and next to an unaltered one



After trimming some of the pipework to look more like pipes (where possible without actually cutting them off and replacing them) and refining the rear bumper bars (the L shaped things at the rear of the fuselage) it was time to construct some sub-assemblies and slap some paint on.

Undercoat is Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black and the engine glow was simulated with Orange mix fading inwards to yellow with a white highlight in the centre.



Quite pleased with the effect



Applied some gloss clear to the black painted windows and once dry masked them by cutting out the window stickers from the (now redundant) sheet and placed in the window apertures.

Applied chipping medium (Vallejo) where required (where I plan to add paint chips) and misted on a top coat of Tamiya XF-2 white (most of a jar) mixed with about 10 drops of XF-55 Deck Tan.

Applied XF-23 Light Blue to those areas that needed to be blue (obvious, I know but still)



Using water and a small stiff bristle brush I gently scrubbed around the nose and engine pods to get some very fine chips.

Also connected some of the sub-assemblies together and applied a light mist of Rubber black to simulate heat and soot deposits.



Decided at this point that I would represent Gold 2 with the additional yellow panel on the nose and the White and Red astromech (R2 unit)

Masked off around the yellow areas on the cockpit pod and also went over the previously painted yellow bands on the engine pod nose caps as Gold 2 didn't have 'em.



Also realised Gold 2 had a white stripe down the centre of the canopy so I masked and added that.



Painted the Yellow areas with thinned Tamiya XF-3 and removed the masks.

Painted the relevant pipes an orangey-yellow mix, added the blue stripes on the side of the nose (freehand) and added some of the blue chips on the engine pod nosecaps.

Gave the whole thing a very light pin wash of heavily watered Rubber Black and once dry I set to with some Tamiya weathering powders.

Assembled the base and Bob's your uncle (you don't have an uncle Bob?)





And on the stand



And next to big brother



Thanks for looking in


Phil :hobbyhorse:

Now to edit out those strange added links where the spaces and text are.

Edited by Phil Lewis

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Really nice, the engine effect looks great.

Edited by Meteors

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Cor blimey - that was a nice fast build - these 2 look excellent against each other - and, my favourite of the Rebel ships so I always love a Y wing, irrespective of scale


Great job on the new kit, lovely to see up against the previous build.

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