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Building The Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV late in 1.32 - KLP Publishing


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Building The Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV late in 1.32

KLP Publishing




Online publishing is now starting to find its way into the modelling community. KLP Publishing is one of the new online publishers, specialising in eBooks for the scale aircraft modelling community. Following on from their first two Special Build series of books this is now their first Build Guide.  Written by expert modeller Karim Bibi, this 167-page digital book takes you through building the impressive WNW 1/32 scale AEG G.IV Late kit. The book shows you the building, painting, decalling, and weathering techniques used to produce this stunning model. The book also includes a 29-page special tutorial on painting wood-grain effects on propellers, and includes a 12-page tutorial on the rigging. The book features a 12-page walkaround of the Mercedes D.IVa engine used on the AEG G.IV, and a bonus chapter features some documentation on the engine.










This is the type of publication that the new digital publishing will embrace. The subject is not main stream enough for a traditional publication. This is clearly a book written by modellers for modellers. The text is clear and concise and the great selection of walkaround pictures crisp. The build photos are first class and unlike a traditional publication they are not limited by size or the number they can include. I was able to enlarge the pictures up to 300% without loosing any clarity at all in them. Even if you are building other WNW kits then its worth considering this guide for the hints, tips and tutorials it contains. Highly recommended.




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