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Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger

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I have been working on the Trumpeter Tiger II for almost half a year now (yes I have pictures of the progress). But I've run into a problem with the Turret basket, on the real Tiger II there is the diamond plating at the bottom of the basket and in the kit the basket is bare. I also noticed that the diamond pattern around the turret basket is also incorrect and they are missing the diamond pattern for the drivers' feet. I am curious as to where one could acquire the correct diamond pattern and size. I have been looking around and couldn't find anything that is correct. 

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For the drivers foot plate and turret floor Plastruct #91681 is a good match. http://www.hattons.co.uk/46142/Plastruct_PS_148_91681_HO_Scale_Tread_Plate_x_2/StockDetail.aspx


35906105045_95b7dbccd6_b.jpg61 by Matt Tullier, on Flickr


The turret basket floor was a simple anti-slip plating, not the diamond style. Aber provide a good match but you will likely need two sets. http://www.aber.net.pl/detal,30.html




35736833142_7e45b269a2_b.jpg172 by Matt Tullier, on Flickr

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