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A Pair of Me 262s Heinz Bar & Adolf Galland

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I have just started to build the new Airfix 1/72 Me 262 and the Academy 1/72 Me 262


In common with my recent theme builds I am building the aircraft of the highest scoring pilots who flew that type.


So the top three Me 262A-1a pilots were according to Aircraft of the Aces - German Jet Aces of World War Two by Hugh Morgan & John Weal were:


  • Kurt Welter 20+ jet victories  flying Me262B-1a (two seater night fighter and the subject of another build)
  • Heinz Bar 16 jet victories
    • The Academy kit enables you build both his  Me 262A-1a Red 13 and the rocket assisted Me262C-1a V 186 which is my first choice to build
  • Franz Schall 12 jest victories

However for my second choice  ( the airfix kit) I have a dilemma as I would like to build an aircraft that Adolf Galland flew as he was instrumental in the development of the Me 262 and did score 7 jet victories with JV44 that he commanded (representing the elite of the remaining experten in the last months of the war) The Academy kit includes a full set of R4M underwing air to air rockets which Adolf Galland recalls using and will be easy to add to the airfix kit


The difficulty is there is so much confusion over the aircraft he actually flew ( let alone the colour scheme)


He is widely credited whilst with JV44  flying White 3 although this is far from certain. The Academy kit contains markings showing his rank  <- # - and the mickey mouse emblem that adorned all his aircraft. Its very believable that the pilots of JV 44 had their own aircraft markings like Heinze Barr Red 13 but in reality flew whatever was available.


Does any one have  any further information on the markings for Adolf Gallands Me 262 I would like to do  <-#- but would be happier with a bit of confirmation.


Ill put pics & comments of the builds, both kits have strengths and weakness but are not straightforward builds



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