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Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW (Esci)

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Okay - here goes - first RFI (after a colossal lurking time), first motorbike, first commission build and first time using OneDrive....what could possibly go wrong?!


Build this in around 24 hours over a 3 month period as a favour for chum at work - who has now very nearly finished his 1:1 scale version. Naturally his real one is showroom fresh and mine is a little more tatty...


Let's hope this photo linking malarkey works...













I really enjoyed the build - great quality for an early 70's moulding by Esci. There was a point in there where I felt like I needed 3 perfectly coordinated child-sized hands to prise the frame apart to insert the rear wheel and align & glue various bits and bobs but I got through it...

Most importantly the customer is happy!

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Final attempt at finding at benevolent photo host - my friend Flickr?
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Thanks Stesca - 100% natural wear on the seat (and the leather on the helmet) - the horrible vinyl material for the seat, chain and helmet strap wouldn't take paint properly. It started to rub off as soon as I'd sprayed it. Luckily it looked pretty good so I put them aside and didn't do anything else to them - a happy accident! :D

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You've made a nice looking model - nice to have a 1:1 example to go by.


Impressed with the patina of the seat, it's come up real well. I've found that a wash of white glue over that horrible vinyl enables the paint to bite, and there are other methods suggested on a thread of the same kit a month or so back.


Italeri have just re-boxed this kit - hope they do likewise with the Harley, Zundapp & BMW, solo and sidecar versions, then I can build the models properly…….



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Thanks Rog. This was the Italeri boxing I did - I was well impressed by the quality of the moulding and the engineering from the original Esci parts. Good tip for the white glue - I'll maybe try that next time.


I'd be keen to do the other bike models as well - it's a lovely scale to work in. 

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