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Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers


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A new Ukrainian company, Proper Plane have been developing new, real wood laminated propellers for your 1;32 WW1 models. The first two have now been released and can be seen HERE.


I was fortunate enough to have a nice chat over a coffee with the owner, Alex, whilst I was in Kiev back in September. He's an avid and rather brilliant modeller who wants to give something back to the modelling community with these new products. The first two propellers are for use with German subjects, but I'm sure there will be more to come in the future.






I'd like to wish Alex all the best for his company and the wonderful products.

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Thanks for the link, they look great.

The only problem is that such a simple accessory could entice me to spend a lot of money. Resistance would seem futile.

I must admit though, one of these would look lovely on a WNW model.

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Thank you @Shar2!
Hello friends! 


I'm Alex Belov, a Proper Plane owner. I would like to say "thank you" for those who supported me and inspired to do that things.
And now I'm very glad to hear that comments from you about my propellers. I hope I will surprise you with my products in future.


If you want to ask me some question about my props, you are always welcome!


By the way should I change my Britmodeller avatar to Proper Plane now?


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Hi Alex,


Thanks for the response..


I asked the good folks over on Wooden Propellor and here is the response...


The Lang company was in effect the in-house prop shop for Sopwith and a few of their props were used on more than one aircraft, but I can find no commonality with the props for the Camel and Snipe aircraft.

With the BR2 engine most Camel props had a diameter of 2655mm or 2635mm.

With the same BR2 engine, props for the Snipe had a diameter of 2780mm. 

Whilst the pitch of Camel props remained mostly common at 2500mm, the pitch of Snipe props varied between 2490mm and 2920mm.

The difference in diameter between the Camel prop at 2655mm and the Snipe at 2780mm is 125mm and at 1/32 scale this amounts to just under 4mm.


So the Snipe had a larger diameter prop.







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I would like to commend Alex for truly outstanding customer service.  I ordered a propeller from him before Christmas but after the invasion I thought I would never see it, yet today it arrived!


So thank you Alex for delivering under what must be the most difficult circumstances.

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