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Nostalgia, it's not what it used to be...

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Oh wow... so many memories, and I'm not even 50 yet. 
I do remember that Airfix B-25, 11-year old me built that, had quite a matchbox/Airfix collection going, 20-year old me gave 'em all away 🤐


It is like many others have said a beautiful sight seeing so many classic kits exhibited as they deserve.  And as stated, there is a special feeling when you build one of these - I think they're less stressful to make as the newer ones where you constantly worry about every little detail and (at least me for now) dread starting them out of fear of forgetting something critical.

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On 28/11/2019 at 16:19, JosephLalor said:

I'm surprised to hear of Norwood Junction Models for the first time here, long after they closed.  In all the years I lived in Croydon I was never aware of them.  I remember Modeltime on St George's Walk.  I  also recall there being model shops on the upper level of the Whitgift Centre and on Whitehorse Lane up to around the mid '80s.


They used to  be in Portland road near the railway bridge.


Great old shop.


I remember Model Time from the 1960s and the one upstairs in the Whitgift, can't recall the name though.

There was also of course Beattys in North End.

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The Croydon Advertiser had this short article about the closure of Norwood Junction Models back in 2014:


THE internet and computer games have been blamed for the closure of a model shop which was about to celebrate its 50 birthday.

Norwood Junction Models (NJM) – based by the railway bridge, in Portland Road – has been run by the Wrigley family since 1963.

But the small store – stocked full of model aircraft, boats, railways and cars – is set to shut on July 28.

Brian Wrigley, 66, who runs the shop, said: "It was a difficult decision. It was heartbreaking.

"The internet has had quite an impact on retail sales, people can just get things online.

"And kids are much more into games consoles and computer games rather than making models – there's not quite as much interest as there used to be."

Brian's father Ronald took over the shop 49 years ago and it is believed a model shop has been based at that site since the 1930s.

Former customers include actor David Jason, who popped in during the 1970s, before he landed the role of Derek Trotter in TV comedy Only Fools And Horses.

Brian said: "On a Saturday, especially in the 1970s, it was really busy and there were queues outside of people waiting to get in the shop.

"Back in the 1970s we were inundated with model shops. But one by one they have shut down."

Ronald Wrigley died in 1980 and his son Warren, now 60, helped to run the shop before being assisted by Brian, when he retired as a civil servant in 1995.

From a small Virgin train in a cabinet to ready-to-make England football figures, the shop has been dubbed an "Aladdin's Cave".

Describing his clientele, Brian said: "It's mainly retired people now. People who go back to a hobby after 30 or 40 years and would like to do something in their spare time, like starting a model railway.

"They even find the shop nostalgic and say 'we didn't think there were any like this left'."

A repair service is also offered and NJM has been helped by Max Longhurst for more than five years on this side of things.

When his brother Warren fell ill just before Christmas last year, Brian felt the time was right to wind down.

On the final day, he plans to have a glass of champagne with his other brother, Graham, who has been assisting the business, to bring an era to a close.

Brian added: "I'd like to say a thank you to all our customers."



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I love coming back to this thread.


Especially after today's distressing news, memories of childhood and models is a nice place to be. 

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I remember a Birthday money purchase of Airfix's Mauritania around 73/74 after Dad took my to the science museum in Newcastle

where the huge shipwrights model still resides as well as HMS Nelson and a good few other fine ship models as I built it

 he  recalled being taken to see her leave the Tyne which must have made him about seven years old at the time couldn't resist

a cheeky punt of an original  boxing the other day on that well known auction site which I'm happy to say is on its way for a mere £12.


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On 11/28/2019 at 11:59 AM, TonyW said:


That's Brian Knight. He was the UK Revell artist. He also did a few boxes for Airfix, mainly the soldiers. 

Thank you TonyW.  He's done many of the beautiful paintings that appear on the covers of the Windsock Datafiles also. What a great artist. I have to admit that I am not fond of most of the computer generated art that is so popular today. It's just too artificial and "sterile" - for lack of a better word.  I much prefer a Roy Cross painting on the top of an Airfix box over what they are using today.

Edited by Hobo

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Digging around in my old files I found some pictures taken of a Boys Jolly Day Out From 2011. A few of us visited Russ in Battersea Rise, Comet Miniatures up the road a bit and Norwood Junction Models further up again.



Here's Russ.

I used to buy my models from here in the seventies when I lived in Clapham South.





I started using Comet in the early eighties when Tony ran the outfit out of a dingy basement to the side of what later became a three fronted shop. The Sci Fi stuff was upstairs, current kits to the right as you looked at the building and old stuff down in the catacombs. I helped Tony clear out when the shop closed. Bittersweet memories.




And Norwood Junction Models, final port of call for us that day. A very good Jolly that can't be repeated unfortunately, as all three are now closed.





Edited by TonyW

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Nice to see Norwood Junction models again Tony. 😊

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