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British Phantoms, Hasegawa 1/48th

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Apologies to you who have seen these before but since the 'Photobucket event' I have only just got around to loading these on to a new server.


In no particular order...



XT596 FG.1 No.2 as delivered to A&AEE 1968.



XT597 FG.1 A&AEE circa 1982.



XT861 FG.1 767 NAS 1970.



XV484 FGR.2 31 Squadron 1976.



XV492 FGR.2 92 Squadron 1985.



XV498 FGR.2 92 Squadron 1983.



XV470 FGR.2 19 Squadron 1989.



XV492 (again) FGR.2 56 Squadron 1991.


All built from the Hasegawa (or Revell) kit in 1/48 using an assortment of aftermarket bits and bobs.


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Thank you.  XV484 is my best so far...


...but I have another 8 to build so plenty of time to get my eye in! ;)

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Hello,At Sea - My full compliments to you on your phine collection of ‘The Phinest’.

Beautifully built and finished, I love them all.Great work indeed.

😉👍 All The Best,Paul.

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Thanks for the kind words.  I do have a bit of a Phantom Phetish. :P

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Some more pictures of the A&AEE airframe XT597.  Using the RAM Models early British Phantoms decal sheet.

The high viz tank tips are pure artistic licence but since similar tanks were used by Fighter Squadrons at the time as 'Bad Guy' tanks when training for ACM I thought why not.

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