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Phil Lewis

BanDai 1/72nd Scale Y-Wing

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This isn't so much a build (the things just fall together) as a painting progress.

I actually constructed this kit and painted up the cockpit and pilot in February..... 2016.

It has since languished on the shelf in all it's raw plastic glory waiting patiently for me to decide how I was going to tackle it..... until yesterday.

So.. the box art we should all be familiar with by now.



Cockpit and pilot painted up and weathered




I wanted to keep the astromech droid body for a diorama I had in mind so I made a copy that would take one of the domes and look convincing in the slot.




Thought I'd paint up the standing pilot figure at the same time



And this is the condition in which it sat on the shelf for the next 20 months.




Pretty, but too clean.


On Sunday I grasped the nettle, took the bull by the horns and put my best foot forward. I also decide to paint it....properly.

First things first, disassemble it into the discrete components that will each get an individual weathering treatment.

The blue-grey and yellow parts were to get and undercoat of the top colour mixed from most of a bottle of Tamiya XF-2 White with about 10 drops of Deck Tan to warm it up.

All the rest would get a rough base coat of thinned XF-63 German Grey.

In the areas where I wanted chipping I thinned down some Vallejo Chipping Medium and sprayed it in an even coat. You can see the shine from it in the images below.




I then applied the top coats over the relevant parts. Light Blue for the canopy and the front ribbed sections of the engine pods along with a masked stripe either side of the nose section, vallejo RLM 04 for the Yellow bits including a thin masked area at the back of the engine pods forward domes and everything else was the Tamiya off white mix.

Unfortunately due to a rush of blood there are no images of this intermediate stage so here are some pictures of it after I had let it dry and then used a stiff bristle brush and water to get the paint to strategically flake off.

At this point I had also added some light dusting with XF-85 Rubber Black around the engines and other appropriate areas.






After some washes, decals... very small decals, and a painted up droid and stand, we arrive precisely here.








Once I have a matt coat applied and the right lighting conditions I'll post up an RFI


Thanks for looking in



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Odd links in the text...again

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Looks smashing Phil. Your paintwork is superb, I love the look of these kits. I really want to do a knackered Scout walker day.




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