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Jawa Sand Crawler (resin 1/96 Randy Cooper kit)

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15 hours ago, beefy66 said:

Stunning job on the paint job and weathering it’s a big bugger in it. :hypnotised:



hiya beefy - cheers - good to see you over on this side of the forum - we used to regularly cross tracks in the maritime pages years back

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slow work on the treads and sort of satisfied on them now.










using coffee stick stirrers, I made this tool last night to use on the diorama base to mark the path of the Sandcrawler treads through the sand. I guessed that by leaving the treads as only the width of one coffee stick, the imprint left in the desert sand might look more like both bogies had travelled over it as opposed to perfect shaped regular spaced imprints. I used one of my 1.5mm nibbler tools to snip out random link joints in the sticks.










Thanks for following - nearly there now..



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The weathering and dirt effects on the tracks are truly magnificent. This is going to be one heck of a gorgeous model when finished. you've got just over 3 weeks if it's to be ready for Cosford model show. 

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Thanks gents - finally got the Crawler completed last night after spending a few more nights in the workshop going around in circles with the weathering effects using sponging and various different dirty liquids - I gave up in the end and decided I had given it my best shot - its a first for me so I will settle with this which is now sealed under a matt varnish to hold any loose pigments down.


I have a few weeks to complete the final Tatooine Desert Diorama in readiness for our clubs attendance at Cosford in April and will post pictures of it on its base in the RFI pages then


leaving you with this for now...and thanks again for following (or should I say crawling along) and all the encouraging words over the many months it took to build this beast.


DSCF7616 (3)


DSCF7614 (2)




DSCF7615 (2)


DSCF7616 (2)


I'm just waiting for a note from the Post Office to let me know I owe them a ton of money to get my new star destroyer through customs duty paid from Randy Cooper now...


OOTINEE and bye for now







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Amazing, as usual! Great weathering after the fantastic construction. Looking forward to the diorama!


edit: I just love those orangey bits!

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Extra love!
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