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1/144 - "What if" Vickers Super VC-10 RAF Multi-Role resin conversion set by Freightdog - parts - release November 2017


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Source: https://www.facebook.com/freightdogmodels/photos/a.238637406163951.82458.119466081414418/1877432185617790/?type=3&theater



With Telford fast approaching, I'm busy getting ready for my favourite weekend of the year. Of course I'm running out of time, and not everything I hoped would be ready is, but here is a sneak preview of one of the items that should be as its off to the caster tomorrow for a quick turnaround. Much of my new releases focus on What-If projects, so here is one of them in 1/144. This is a conversion to make the first of a series of originally proposed Multi-Role VC-10's for the RAF, initially in tanker or transport configuration. Designed to fit the Roden Super VC-10 suitably cut down to standard length, parts include new forward fuselage with H2S scanner, wing tip refuelling pods and offset fuselage drogue mounted in the rear hold. Along with this set I also have the VC-10 Bomber with up to eight wing mounted cocoons. A set for the air launched ballistic missile role (or Poffler) will follow if sales are good enough.


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