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Red Tulip...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109K-4


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6 minutes ago, Bungalow_Bill said:

Very nice!   I am curious, are certain political insignia banned in Austria?

Like in Germany, due to our past there are several laws. One in Austria is the "Abzeichengesetz". The public showing, displaying, wearing, distributing of insignias, uniforms and uniformparts of organisations that are banned in Austria is forbidden. But there are exceptions like museums, exhibitions, movies, theater plays...

As far as I know, regarding modeling, in Austria it´s ok to show Luftwaffe aircraft with swastikas during modeling contests/displays for creating a historic correct subject. But that´s kind of a gray zone, some modelers show the swastika on the model and some cover it. In Germany it is completely forbidden to show models with swastikas in public.

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Thanks for the answer!  I worked with an Austrian gentleman for a while.  He was only a child during the war, but much older than me.  He never talked much about his childhood experience, but he had a very strong accent.  I will always remember his favorite word that came out when dealing with bad people or bad situations:  "Fachem!!"

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1 hour ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Having watched for a number of months all of your wonderful builds. I must ask a semi-serious question. Where do you find the room to Display/Store all of these wonderful models ? 


yes, that is getting a problem nowadays, free space is rare :lol:

already moved a bunch of models from my parents house to my flat, besides that my dad is gonna replace some old models with new built ones and also will store some models in boxes at the attic

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