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Used them several times,  last on the MiG-25RB to be gound in the EIP sechion and always liked them. Usually well researched,  that incluedes gheir dedicated stencil sheets!

Wish their instructions and profiles woulx be in colour sometimes, especially for more obscure schemes! Eouly not hutt their syles either I guess!

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Great products. As already said, great value for money.

If you like to spend dozen hours to place hundreds of stencils, their sheets are for you. (you can decide not to put all anyway :) )

Subjects are well documented, and I think you can trust them more than many manufacturer.

Carrier film are thin, and decals react well to setting solution, even if you don't need it in most of the cases.

Just pay attention to early sheets printed years ago, as the carrier film might have yellowed.

Recent printings do not have this problem.

Getting their sheets for my builds became compulsory to me :)





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Hi, used them for the first time on my current Su-27 build.  Very impressed with laydown  and they work well with MicroSet and MicroSol.  I found some errors on the instructions for Flanker Family #2, but this was an early sheet.  On the stencil detail, I think that there is always a question of whether the decal manufacturer used the factory drawings or a real example - I suspect the former for Begemot's Su-27.  There are certainly some areas of question on my build and I have taken a most likely/try and prove me wrong approach!  Overall, I will certainly look to use them again.



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