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Monster Party Falcon (Bandai 1:144 Millennium Falcon Build)

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Welp, I finally gave in to temptation and started the Bandai 1:144 Millennium Falcon that's been sitting in my closet for quite a while now. I'm going to do a proper as-it-happens WIP thread for this build. 


I still haven't decided on all the particulars -- whether or not I'm going to light this sucker and how much extra detail I'm going to add. I probably will end up lighting it -- fully lit TFA-style looks *really* good to me. I just put in an order for several Flory washes for weathering -- hopefully they'll arrive well before I get to the weathering stage. 


I started yesterday with the mandible maintenance wells. Inspired by this build video, and this stunning Bandai build I'm painting a lot of detail in the mechanical bits, like I've done with my Blue Leader build. Definitely not going for screen accuracy here :).  


First a coat of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer.




Then a base color coat of Gunship Gray.




Then I dry-brushed Vallejo Duraluminum all over, and picked out details using Vallejo Gunmetal Gray, Valljeo Duraluminum, Tamiya X-12  Gold, and Citadel Hashut Copper. 






37476162301_eb2b581626_n.jpg  23624309088_2942d4b513_n.jpg  



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More maintenance pit madness! I painted all the main body maintenance pits with the same treatment. Dark gray base coat, then lots of drybrushing of aluminum highlights and detailing with all my assorted metallic shades. 


Primer and base coat:


23624315438_44b4527492.jpg 23624317678_a49a5e036b.jpg


And this:




becomes this:




and then this:




And I especially like this one -- all the parallel pipework makes it feel a little Giger-esque when it's painted all dark and metallic. 




23652355678_27ca97ba86.jpg 37456708216_5f35a5c2ac.jpg

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I got a nice little package in the post yesterday:


37495765962_979d3d8ecf.jpg 37268730790_2865769c04.jpg


Meanwhile, while I wait for Shapeways parts and various lighting bits & pieces to arrive, I've been applying decals. It's maybe not the smartest build order, but once they're clear-coated it will be quite durable for the lighting install. While patience may be a virtue, it's not often one of mine....






I just placed a Shapeways order for the TFA engine grill, and 308Bits cockpit (I'll be using the Paragraphix back wall for lighting, and the more accurate 308 bits seats and console). 


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More detailing, on the underside:








I've come to the conclusion that I really want another Falcon to paint completely metallic - with a gunmetal gray base color and highlights. Think I'll get another mini-Falcon to see how that would look. 

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More sidewalls detailing - finishing up the mandibles:


Primer -> black base -> Vallejo Gun Metal Gray metallic -> drybrushing with duraluminum -> assorted detailing -> nuln oil gloss wash. 


37562883562_22b102030e_n.jpg 37595057021_09cf8d3715_n.jpg 37595060421_0e1ba42dd2_n.jpg 37562885772_4092bbaf85_n.jpg




Same treatment on the jawboxes:





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And the docking rings:




I didn't like the extra TFA piping on them - it's much more obvious on the kit than in the movie. Even painted to match, I think it would obscure the detail that I really like, so I just snipped them out:




Much better!

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Test assembly - I honestly wasn't 100% certain how this idea was going to turn out, despite having painted my 1:350th scale Falcon very similarly, but I'm really pleased. 






Started painting the boarding ramp as well, then it will be on to the photo-etch grills, and the landing gear with their photo-etch upgrades. There's plenty to keep me busy before the Flory washes arrive from across the pond, and my lighting (which I haven't even ordered yet). And my Shapeways upgrades likely won't arrive until near Halloween as well. Patience? what??

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Well, look what the postman brought me today!




Much faster than I was expecting. Coincidentally enough, I put the gloss coat on the last pieces of the fuselage to be weathered just yesterday, so pretty soon this bird will be sparkling clean no longer! I guess I better get off my bottom and order my lighting supplies now....

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Been a little difficult to find time to work on the Falcon in the last week, but I've managed to do a bunch of experimenting with the Flory washes -- these are GREAT! I haven't processed photos of the various stages of experimenation yet, but the fact that you can almost completely remove the wash with just water is fanTASTIC. My first pass was way too dark, using some Black and some Grime. Then I tried the dark dirt - still too dark.


I got about 95% of it off using water and a stiff brush, then mixed up a medium gray wash from the Light and the Black, and I think that's going to stay as the basic panel highlighting first wash. After I've blended that to my liking I'll seal it, then go in with some targeted applications of Grime and Rust, and the Tamiya weathering masters. 


Anyway, the washes are awesome - highly recommended. 

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Skipping a few steps ahead - I test assembled the Falcon again this morning, to see it matched up with some of the other ships in the fleet. 




This is what I was really excited about when Bandai started rolling out the vehicle model fighters -- having a whole fleet with both fighters and larger ships, completely in-scale. 


And another with the U-wing wings opened. 




Now the Falcon's been taken apart again to finish up the cockpit and gun wells, and light it, etc...

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11 hours ago, DalekCheese said:

Any pictures of the fully-weathered ship?

Wow, I've really been slacking -- yes, there are!


I *think* these cover the current state, but I have a feeling I've added more streaking since, and I might need to take some more photos. 













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