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Revell Custom Crusader Chopper 1/12

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Most recent build completed.
Revell Crusader, 1/12 scale 'Amercan Chopper' style bike.

Fun build, a few scratch parts like the HT leads and Brake lines, Paint is Humbrol 51, Sunset Red though over white primer it's more hot pink but I like, it, very hot rod and bright and noticeable.
Build review here:
And more info and detail image on the Blog post here:
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The colour was a random dip in the paint drawer, it was one of a few tinlets I got from an art shop that was clearing their Humbrol enamels and i'm unsure if it's a current one now, I know the metallic grey blue isn't. It was slightly darker on the tinlet but that might be a reflection on painting it over grey primer whereas this was over white.

I like it, yes it's very 'hot pink' but i'm comfortable and confident enough in my masculinity to have a hot pink chopper ;)
I think it'd be a great primary colour for a hot rod build.

Engine wise my faves are the Knucklehead and then the Shovel, never really cared for the look of the Pan but I quite like the Evo too that this is based on. it would have been more of a pain than it was worth trying to modify though, the kit is very basic and had I done that i'd have wanted to modify a lot more to add more realism and i've got my Tamiya kits for realism, this was just a quick fun build.

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