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Polikarpov I-16 Type 28, 1/48, ICM


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Hello everyone.

While my Mosquito getting final coats of satin varnish, I couldn't resist and started this one...

Polikarpov I-16 Type 28 in 1:48 from Ukrainian manufacturer ICM:




For those who unfamiliar with the kit here are few shots of sprues and details which are really nice and crisp:










I started with the wings and ailerons:



Followed by the cockpit which is really basic:





The fit is brilliant and I really enjoyed that first hour with this model:


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Here is another small update:


I started with the engine and also made a dark wash on the cockpit. Currently thinking to add seat belts... probably will make them from the remains of the PE fret





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Here is the next small update on my I-16:


I do this straight out of the box. I've completed the cockpit, but I couldn't ignore a lack of seat belts. So I've decided to add some scratch built. I used a foil from the wine bottle neck and made two loops around with beading wire... Hope it looks ok :phew:

So tonight I can close the fuselage, attach wings and it will be ready for painting. :yahoo:







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My last session with this small fighter was really enjoyable. As you may see these pictures, I closed the fuselage, attached stabilisers and wing. The rudder and stabiliser remain movable.

Now I continue with the engine - attaching all the exhaust pipes, which must be positioned correctly into the fuselage holes. Once it is complete I can start painting.




The fit was nearly perfect! Hope it just requires some sanding and no filler will be used:




Finally, I can see the shape of this small bird!



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17 hours ago, bruce bay said:

Excited to see how this turns out. Just complete ICM's I- 153 kit.

Hey, Bruce, thanks for your kind words! I've visited your I-153 RFI - it looks really nice and cool. I liked that worn look.

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Here is another small update.


I've completed the painting, gave a coat of gloss varnish (Vallejo) and applied decals. Actually I really impressed of decals quality. They are really thin and stick really nice. All the underneath panel lines are visible:











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Hello Vadim !

What a very nicely done Rata !

I did'nt have the ICM ones but as I can see they are pretty good !

Thank for sharing, your painting is really good too !

Must cool down a bit again before starting another soviet fighter !

Congratulations :yes:



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On 10/25/2017 at 10:33 PM, k5054nz said:

Very nice!

Thanks Zac. And no, nothing in the kit for the undercarriage retraction, unfortunately. And I don't plan to any extra details apart those seat belts. Want to keep this one as simple as possible :)


On 10/25/2017 at 10:44 PM, corsaircorp said:

What a very nicely done Rata !

I did'nt have the ICM ones but as I can see they are pretty good !

Thank for sharing, your painting is really good too !

Thanks mate! This is really lovely kit. All fit perfectly and decals are superb.



Here what have I done over the weekend. Not much progress on the model but did some carving :pumpkin:





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I managed to do some more progress here:


The engine was installed together with front section and propeller. Then I started to glue all the exhaust pipes - to ensure they are in proper positions I put engine cowling and fixed all the pipes in their respective holes:




The model will be finished without engine cowling panels:




Then I installed all the flimsy bits for landing gear. The model is not heavy so I hope these won't collapse one day:




Then the canopy was masked and painted in few steps. I didn't use any pre-cutted masks, so I masked each frame rib separately and painted:




I attached the opened door (which requires some weathering)

And this is how it looks this morning:


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26 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

I really must get one of these. They truly are good looking little fighters.

This is probably the most enjoyable kit ever... Quality, fit, decals are great. I got Do-215B4 from ICM which promises to be another pleasant build.

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  • 5 months later...

I've just started one of these myself and have just found your one here. What a lovely job you've made of her, really superb work!


A quick question, which paints did you use for the Green over Blue finish?


One small comment, if I may, is that ailerons deflect in opposed directions and the control column would need to be positioned towards the up-going aileron. If the elevators are deflected down, as most WWII aircraft would be seen whilst on the ground, deflecting the control column forward makes for a more accurate representation.



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