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Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....


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22 hours ago, Work In Progress said:

I am someone who said, and believed, the last thing the world needs is another 1/48 G-6. The engineering of that kit has changed my mind.


Exactly my thoughts, if they can keep the price down  to that quoted by Hyperscale ( 3700yen=approx£25 ) but I'm not holding my breath, I will seriously consider buying one.

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7 hours ago, Biggles87 said:

I'm out then, I won't pay that much for a single engine 1/48 kit however well engineered it is.

Tamiya kits are always expensive. Twenty years ago they ran about $25-$35 in the local Hobby shops. But spending $50 when the kit has no aftermarket in it gives me pause.:hmmm: While the review on hyperscale has been glowing, I've learned not to trust kit reviews there. I'll wait until more critical reviews come in from others who will go over all the pros and cons in a journalistic manner.


I don't think I'll be buying this kit, but I have a friend who wants one, and he doesn't like the Internet, so I'll order one for him from HLJ and throw in some items I want. I paid about $28 for the Tamiya Ki-61 including shipping. I imagine that this uber kit will run about $40 shipped from Japan. Also if you wait a little while I'm sure you can find a good price online. I've seen Tamiya 1/48 F-14As selling for $80 with free shipping. :eat:

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3 hours ago, Plasto said:

I’ll buy two to make up the shortfall from you boys...

My plate will soon be full with the Pe-2 Peshka, a gaggle of Fw-109A-2,3,4, and a much anticipated ZM 1/48 F-4E. Then there's all the other kits I won't have time for!


I'm sure Tamiya will sell many Bf109G-6s. I hope they use the money they make to invest in tooling for a P-38. :idea:

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52 minutes ago, dragonlanceHR said:

Having fondled the plastic parts on SAM Publ. stand in Bratislava two weeks ago, I'll pass.

Something is iffy with those beulen, and rear fuselage looks compressed




So in your opion, what's iffy with the beulen, and is the rear fuselage compressed, or does it just look compressed.

If people are going to remark that it looks wrong, I wish they would say why they think that or we could all keep finding something that ' looks wrong' in their opinion

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As I am not yet in habit of carrying the scaled drawings and calipers whilst attending model shows ;-)  I'll stand by my original statements - the beulen look off to me, and the rear fuselage looks compressed.


You may or may not heed my opinion before buying the kit, your choice.



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Sorry dragonlance.... ( Please, take the following with tongue in cheek...)


I think that it's your brain that has been compressed and slaved to all the Eduard com...(related to their ULTIMATE Bf 109G Series.)


That is the domain where they excel the most...


But I think that only your wallet will be the most compressed.


Madcop :D

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4 hours ago, dragonlanceHR said:

In fact, I am a huge fan of Zvezda +Vector :D


I'll be happy to be proven wrong re: Tamiya. But until then, no buying.



You're 100% right !


Until now, that's the only way to go to get the best.



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From left to right:







The three most left legs go with the early three bolt brake drum attachment and the spoked wheels. This configuration was only found on a small batch of early G-5s or 6 gun boats which went to JG 3. There is a Color photo in the net.

Just as an Information. 




Andreas Beck

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