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Star Trek Discovery (Beware, possible spoilers!)

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On 2/8/2019 at 4:34 PM, spruecutter96 said:

Just watched Episode 4 of Series 2 and the writing has been VERY variable. Episode 1 - Excellent, EP. 2 - Not good (way too "Let's talk about our emotions" for me), EP.3 - Passable, but no more, EP. 4 - What are the script-writers on? Things are getting mighty weird now and it could go either way. 


When Spock finally arrives, I have a feeling it won't be worth the wait....




I tend to agree about the writing, quite inconsistent so far.


Episode four was all over the place in writing and was trying to cram too much unrelated stuff into one show.


That said, I'm quite interested to see where Saru's storyline will go this season. It's been most interesting watching it develop so far. What was revealed in episode four will have far reaching ramifications for his entire species and could give the show some good material to explore in the future.


I'm not at all convinced of the need for the new engineer character, Reno, aboard the ship. Considering the situation in which they found her, the only place she should be is on extended leave on Earth or at a star base for psychological evaluation. She certainly shouldn't be going right back to duty. I think they were just looking to create a crotchety and abrasive "Bones" McCoy type character for the show.


I also agree with you that Spock's arrival will likely be anti-climactic as they've just been working it up far too much too soon. 

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Hi, Upnorth.


I agree with nearly everything you say, with the exception of the new Reno character. She is a real breath of fresh air and enhances every scene she's in, enormously. The great majority of dialogue in Star Trek is entirely devoted to moving the story along (which - let's face it - is the exact opposite of real-life). Having a character who's main job is to moan and be snarky about the general situation makes a very pleasant change and I believe she should be a regular feature.  


Saru's big revelation is certainly an interesting one. He's a great character and Doug Jone's portrayal is both "alien" and very human at the same time. 





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Just watched the fifth episode and was nonplussed by the writing and pacing to say the least.


Very much looking forward to the next episode though.

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