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Movie & TV Airplane Group build Proposal.

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       Hello everyone even though i have only been on Britmodeller since June Im thinking im a bit Daft since I’m proposing a Group build. I’ve mentioned the idea a few times and there seems to be some interest in the idea. So I am placing this out here to “test the waters” so to speak?  Im also hoping to do this as a fun twist on accurate modeling. 

     I am definitely looking for a more experienced member who might be able to help host this Group Build. Im also not sure if i should just set it up for best votes and praise ? Or if I should go about getting donations ? Or prizes ? Im not sure how to even do that ? Or how to Distribute them considering im in the United states. Is the prize donation a common thing ? Anyone that can help answer these questions would really help me out. 

      The Group build I am thinking of is based on Aircraft in Movies and Television programs. There is almost 100 Years of movies and 65+ years of television to dig around in and find something. Everyone here probably enjoys a good movie or TV program. Especially if it revolves around an aircraft ? Am I correct ? So I’m thinking of this as my Build proposal. Pick an aircraft used in a Fictional movie or TV show. The subject is open to any real type of aircraft or spacecraft. The idea being to recreate that aircraft that got you hooked on airplanes or was in a favorite movie as an adult or a child. I propose that you must be true to the movie, not the real life aircraft it was depicting. Hollywood and other studios have made a lot of money over the years by building models, movie props, and using stand-ins for our entertainment. Now its our turn to pay homage to those very movie props, models, and real aircraft stand-ins by Recreating them Faithfully. 

      I am proposing this as an all aircraft build. There are movies about cars, non flying military, and Sci-fi so those could be there own group builds. The no Sci-fi idea doesn’t include movies based in real space. So if you want to do a Real space capsule used in a fictional movie or tv series you are welcome to do so. I would also have to rule all Documentary films out as they depict aircraft in there real settings, markings, and environments. That would be opposite to the very idea of this build. 

      Im Familiar with quite a large library of Movies and TV shows, but freely admit I’m not Omnipotent. That being said Im quite sure there are TV shows and movies from around the world that do qualify. I ask that you point them out to me and the other future host’s (once they have joined in). You never know you might even get some of us interested in your favorite movie or tv show. Myself at first and eventually all hosts will determine if your choice falls within the overall scope of the group build proposal. Once again i don’t know everything so you may also propose ideas or amendments to the group build, If you believe i have missed something. Please include or suggest any idea’s that would improve everyones enjoyment in this group build idea. I am not against receiving help or good ideas. I have included a Prototypical Build Rules section, and a rough list of some examples of movies and TV shows. This is to give a general idea because the full list would take up way too much space. So lets see if we can get the required number by November. If not maybe we can get in for 2019 ?


                 BUILD RULES


These rules are prototypical and a summary of whats above. Hopefully they’ll be expanded to cover any questions that come up as a result of how many people show interest. 


1. Any scale, any kit, scratch-built what-ifs are acceptable if they were used in a movie ( Firefox’s Mig is an Example). Absolutely all Standard build rules apply such as the 25% rule.

2. Any Real aircraft/spacecraft can be used as your subject. This includes Civilian airliners in fictional markings from movies and TV. However it must have been used in a Fictional movie or Television program. An example would be 1969's "Battle of Britain" the Special Hobby Buchon standing in for the Bf 109 or the later mark spitfires substituting as a Mk.1 Spitfire.

3. Markings must be the markings used in the film or Tv program not in real life. Yes we all know and understand Hollywood and other studios don't use or understand accurate depictions. Thats the point of this build to have fun representing a movie aircraft. You can now build a model that is inaccurate. You may use AM decals or AM parts to depict your model. You may depict the correct markings used on your model if thats how it appears in the Film/TV show. 

4. Space subjects are acceptable from actual movies or Tv shows based in space. Example would be the Apollo capsules in 1969’s “Marooned” or the Mercury capsules in 1983's "The Right Stuff" 

5. No Automotive, non flying military, or Sci-fi subjects please. There are enough movies in existence that those could be there own group builds. Any Film or Tv program can be used as the basis of your model. The exception being to no  Documentaries. 

6. If you post images, videos, quotes for reference please cite the proper copyrights or ownership of the materials. We want to stay legal and on the good side of Studio’s and the creator’s of that material. 

7. Hosts and or Moderators would have to decide if any subject is acceptable/unacceptable ? If you are unsure of your choice please include a description of the Aircraft or Movie/Tv program in question and ask for a decision. Myself and eventually the other host/host’s will research and decide. 


                 Film examples  

These include civil, military aviation, and Space themed movies.  


Howard Hughes 1930 "Hells Angels"

1938's "Dawn patrol"

1942's "Captains of the clouds"

1942's "Flying Tigers"

1944's "30 seconds over Tokyo"

1949's "12 o'clock high"

1954's "The bridges of toko-ri"

1955's "Strategic air command"

1955's "The Dam busters"

1963's "633 squadron"

1964's "Dr. Strangelove"

1966's "Blue Max"

1969 "Battle of Britain"

1969’s “Marooned”

1970's "Tora-Tora-Tora"

1976's "Midway"

1979's "1941"

1982’s “Firefox”

1983's "The Right Stuff"

1985's "Top Gun"

1986's "Iron eagle"

1988's "Bat 21"

1990's "Memphis Belle"

1990's "Air America"

1991's "Flight of the Intruder"

1996's "Tuskegee airmen" 

2001's "Pearl Harbor"

2004's " The Aviator”

2006's "Flyboy's"

2012's "Red tails"

2017's "Dunkirk"

Fictional Airliners in movies also are acceptable. So if the great big commercial planes are your thing join in. 


                 T.V. Examples

Just to name a few from American T.V.  Im not familiar with most TV Programs from outside the United States. I imagine there was at least one related to aviation. Please suggest these so Myself and eventually the other host or hosts may research the program in question and decide on its inclusion. 


TV program Aircraft such as used in "I dream of Jeannie", “6 million dollar man”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”,  "Call to Glory",  or “China Beach”

Several episodes of The Twilight zone dealt with aircraft. The B-25 in "Kings 9 is lost” is one very prominent episode. Which is based on the "Lady be Good" story. 

The Sitcom "Wings" Fictional airlines “Nantucket Airlines”


Interested parties with proposed builds. 

1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - 

2. Skids - Grumman Goose

3. Zebra - Mil.24 Hind

4. Kallisti - 

5. John D.C. Masters - Bristol from “Death Hunt”

6. Crossiant Oliver - “Dunkirk” Spitfire or Messerschmitt. 

7. Mancunian airman - 

8. vppelt68 - “Wild Bill Kelso’s P-40E”

9. Romeo Alpha Yankee - Boeing VC-25 “Air Force one”

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Its a great idea for a GB, it has been suggested before but never seems to make the final vote


Anyway why not try again.


Im in with a Grumman Goose from Tales of the Gold Monkey

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Count me in. I recently saw a still from a Russian film featuring a Mi-24 Hind in US Coastguard colours (I'll find the link later), which I'm going to have to build. 

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Counted in Zebra 👍 went and found that hind on google. Not sure which movie/tv show its from ?  but it definitely would qualify as what the core idea is with my build.

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I have a question for @Enzo Matrix ... is it ok to put a post up in the aviation modeling section’s either the military or civilian to advertise a group build ? Id rather get a definitive yes/no, and not break any rules. I’ve seen it done for the Panzer IV stgb. in the armor modeling section. And I seem to have some interest in my idea.  Anyway if you can answer this question at your convenience it would be appreciated. 

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I wasn't sure until i saw your response Modeling Minion 👍 Thanks. So what about you @modelling minion are you interested at all ? 


5 minutes ago, Mancunian airman said:

Count me in  . .  .

here is one I made earlier . . . can you guess which film its from I wonder ??






Counted in Mancunian airman 👍 

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I have a Boeing VC-25A to build, featured in such movie greats like Air Force One, Independence Day and Big Game and Air Collision! 




I am sure I have other in the stash that will fit the bill as well.

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Question. Could this GB idea be expanded to include aircraft from books? Nevil Shute makes mention of quite a number of fictional types that have potential , and I've always wanted to build the Firefly from Ivan Southall's Simon Black series. If not, no worries, plenty of other options

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🤔 ... let me think on it ... Dale Browns “Old Dog” might make for an Interesting model ? If you aren't familiar i recommend looking it up 👍. Though technically you would have to have some form of visual reference to use as a basis. Not just the written description ? Let me review these books and i will let you know. Maybe input from others will help me decide ?

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Ok i didn't take too long to figure something out. Since this is a Group build idea about Movie & TV Themed aircraft. Im going to go on the idea that those are real aircraft used in fictional storylines and markings. In books with the few exceptions that i can think of. I believe that they are fictional aircraft designs and therefore probably closer to a fiction/sci-fi theme. 

     Now that being said and the fact that I’m not familiar with the “Simon Black”  books. Sadly i feel i would have enjoyed them from the research i have done. I am off to explore regarding the question raised by Rob G. about Nevil shute.

      I’ve done a rough search and read about Mr. Shute. I find that concerning his books sadly again im not Familiar with. I’m familiar with the one movie “No Highway in the sky” based on his book “No Highway.”  In a case like this with the movie i could accept the “Rheindeer” aircraft as a build idea. Because it stems from a book is a plus. If there are other examples like this of Mr. Shute’s work or others that have gone from the literary world to film. I believe they could/would be acceptable as well. If however they are theoretical works strictly in book form. I feel that would fall under the category of Fiction/Science fiction, Therefore not allowed. 

     I hope this doesn’t discourage Rob G. or others from considering an entry into the group build. Now I am a Reasonable person so if there is evidence to promote either the “Simon Black” & Nevil Shute arguments I would gladly listen to and review the evidence. 



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