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HMS Hood, Parts 3,4 and 5. 1:200


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HMS Hood

1:200 Eduard



Continuing their releases of etched sets for the huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter, Eduard have released the next three sets.  The first, (No.3) covers the ships railings, the second, (No.4), is for the ships life rafts and boats, the final one for this review, (No.5), ships deck fittings.


Part 3 (53-189) – Ships Railings. This single large sheet contains a complete ships complement of railings, including all decks and platforms, some of which will need to be modified to accept the PE parts. The prominent quad of inclined ladders and their landings are also included, as are several braces for the smaller platforms






Part 4 (53-190) – Ships boats and rafts. This two sheet set is for all the ships boats and not only provides details of the kit life rafts, but includes addition rafts as well. This is a very comprehensive set covering each boat with a multitude of new or replacement parts. Each of the motor boats receives new decks, deck gratings, cabins, handrails, breakwaters, internal bulkheads, seats, stern rails, bow rails, propellers and rudders. Some of the boats have up to twenty two PE parts to add. The story is the same for the cutters, but with slightly fewer parts. Each has new thwarts, deck gratings, rudders, and a plethora of oars. Even the ships dinghy is given the PE treatment with new centre board case, gunwhales and grating. The ships davits are also provided for with the griping spar, davit span, lifelines, block and tackle for each end, including lines, and jumping nets. Of the ships main boats, the motor boats, motor cutters and cutters etc. there are a complete set of cradles, each made from for pieces of PE.  For the life rafts there are new paddles and gratings, and there are some new rafts in the form of square two piece rafts, of which there are twenty.








Part 5 (53-193). Deck. Another large two sheet set which covers a multitude of areas with items such as a new breakwaters, complete with all supports and fittings, new anchor plates, and new capstan details.  Then there are the enormous number of new deck hatches and watertight doors, some of which even have separate dog clips. A lot of kit detail will need to be removed first, before the PE can be glued into place, but the effort is worth it. The set also includes new doors for each of the ready use lockers, hatches for the deck skylights and a range of different sized cable reels, for which you have to make the drum from plastic rod. There are also several platforms and fittings for B and X turrets, but you will have to check your references to see if they fit in with your build dates. Finally each of the mushroom ventilators has a grille to be fitted, as do the vertical vents.









Although the prices of these sets seem to inexorably rise, they are perfect for super detailing this mighty kit. At least the modeller has the option of how much detail you wish to add, rather than buying one large set. The railings are probably the most important set you could buy as without these, most models just don’t look right.


Review sample courtesy of




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