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I see there is a lot of questions about a good modelling knife, so I present my take on a good hobby knife.


I had always used the round handled knives - swann morton and some others, but I always found they felt clumsy and that controlling them wasn't easy. Using just enough force was hard to gauge and I often overdid it and damaged the model or myself :P.

Also as has been pointed out the round handles do roll off the desk often enough to be a worry.


Then saw Pul Budjiks video on the bard parker dental knife and it was a revelation - except it was very very difficult and expensive to get one here in the UK. (Sister works at a dentist and they do use them, but they cost over £35.00 per handle so definitely a no go.)


Not to be defeated I mooched around ebay and saw the answer to my dreams The Swann Morton No 6A handle.

Would it work as I hoped? I ordered One to start and some blades. The answer was definitely a yes.


Fits in your hand - comfortable very easy to handle and most importantly its easy to control the amount of strength needed from fine cuts to more brutal scraping or even downright hacking. Haven't cut myself even once since I've started using them.

Also being flat sided they wont roll. You can get two flavours the No3 fitting for standard sized blades or the No4 for larger blades - I like the No4.


I use 4 of them - one for each blade type I use. I am definitely happier with them. :penguin:e_452.jpg

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