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Romeo Alpha Yankee

1/72 Heller Mirage IV

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Since @PhantomBigStu's Mirage IV build was dropped I have decided to help the cause and build mine for this GB.


As I mentioned in Stu's thread I have a bagged kit lurking in the stash. The kit decals are trashed but I have a set on a Wolfpak sheet I can use. I also have some resin MB MK4 seats somewhere and will fish them out and see if they fit, not that you will see them in those tiny cockpits. I am yet to decide if I will rescribe the kit.


Standby for some pictures when I find the kit :D

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Good to see someone taking up the challenge of the big Mirage again

I built one about 30 years ago, but don't remeber much about it at all

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As you can probably tell, I'm quite pleased about this.

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After digging the kit out and finding some 'research' pictures I started to wonder why I did not build this kit long ago. I know I have tried to offload it at a swap and sell stalls for the past few years.


I am glad I have not now. I found an build review and with some TLC it builds up nicely. I don't think I will rescribe it, the raised detail looks very nice. The problem I do have with the kit is that decal sheet has been heat damaged from being up in the 'loft' for quite a few southern summers. I have a Wolfpak sheet I will find and use it though.


The plastic is a lot harder than the Mirage III I just finished. Hopefully, it is not an issue with the build.


Turns out I still had the box.




With parts still present, lovely dark green plastic.




So on with it, I started by removing the fuselage, wings  and cockpit parts from the sprues




Part of my initial research was to find out what type of ejection seats the IV had, turns out they were Martin Baker Mk4s. Which was good as I knew I had some Mk4s from a couple of High Planes Mirage III kits in the stash (that also came with additional Mk6s for later RAAF IIIOs). I think they look a little better than the kit seats.




I started assembly with the cockpit




and then painted those bits that required it black




 I also manage the glue the external tanks and the nuclear payload together as well. That is far as I got tonight. Hope to progress some more soon.





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Slapped some paint on the seats and cockpit, I don't seem to have the patience of others when it comes to detail painting these parts, a few dots of colour and some dry brushing is all I manage.









...and then it is tucked away into the fuselage



...which needed a little persuasive taping and clamping to make everything stay in place.


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Hmmm. I thought I had added an update since this one.


I have the wings on and gear installed, looks like something went wrong with the last update. Having problems getting Flickr up so it will have to wait until I get to another PC on a different network.

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OK, here is the next update,


After joining the fuselage I decided to add a reinforcing strip behind the spine just in case




And then a little putty






The intakes got a lick of paint before glueing the shrouds on




Pretty removed




and then the gear legs installed to see if she would be a tail sitter




and a little more putty after I misaligned one of the intakes :banghead:


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Great work going on, and it was good of PhantomBigStu to point out some build requirements


I'm interested in the shot of the coffee mug that you cheekily managed to get into one shot


as the ad used to say "where do ya get it"  

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Eagle eye Graeme strikes again, the mug was obtained about 30 years ago when I was at 77SQN, one of those Social Club orders.




It has a few chips in it but it is still fully serviceable :D


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