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Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B

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Afternoon all,


I've just finished the Airfix 1/24th. Typhoon, which I purchased at Perth this year for the princely sum of £50. Here's some pictures for you to gawp/marvel/laugh (delete as appropriate) at.


37089340386_19feb0d06d_b.jpgIMG_1549 by simon_rw, on Flickr


37107526202_1f31704ec9_b.jpgIMG_1550 by simon_rw, on Flickr


36882092370_68b75f1123_b.jpgIMG_1551 by simon_rw, on Flickr


37137301131_9c7f655415_b.jpgIMG_1552 by simon_rw, on Flickr


Thanks for looking!



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