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Perris Skydiving twin otter - Revell 1/72


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This is the old Matchbox kit released under the Revell banner which comes with decals for the CAF and West Coast Air. I may yet build another kit in the CAF scheme but this time I opted to go with the Perris Skydiving colors when I found the decal sheet was available from Jbot Decals.






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Thank you all for your positive comments!


Jbot's website (http://www.jbot.ca/welcome.shtml) indicates he is not currently taking orders but it appears he will be starting Oct 01. According to the website Jbot decals are printed on TANGO PAPA clear decal paper using ALPS MD-1000 and MD-5000 printers. They are more delicate than the commercially produced ones but a good coating of Microscale decal film and a gentler hand when applying them should make their application successful.

The Perris dh6 decals include the side windows,cockpit windows, door outlines, shark's mouth and eyes and black striping that separates the white/grey areas.  Also included are the prop manufacturer logos. I had to source the white propeller stripes from other sheets I had on hand. The trickiest part of this build was masking and painting the grey areas correctly so that when I applied the black stripes, they would match the outlines.

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Love it, as a former, well temporarily retired skydive pilot who never flew the Twotter, it's brilliant. It's a fact that that skydive aircraft are often rather colourful and interesting, it's great to see  models of them.


Really nice job!

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Superb job! The Perris bird has been well represented.

Climbs like a demon as well.


"It's got throttles on the ceiling,

bench seats down the side,

we are all passengers here,

on our way to twelve-five"

(with apologies to The Eagles' Hotel California)

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I have to say the decal windows improve the dodgy kit windows somewhat. Especially the wind screen as the kit one is a bit too narrow and the pillar too wide too. The decal way is better for the overall finish.

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