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Have any of you purchased or read any of the output from said publisher? I've seen some positive reviews (e.g. the Scale War Machines channel on Youtube) but I'm not too sure about spending quite a lot on so little in terms of page count.


Do they provide enough insight? Are they constructive for someone who would like to hit a good standard in figure painting and wants to know how the best painters do it? If you like them, which one or two titles would you say are standouts?


Alternative recommendations are, of course, equally welcome.

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They are very very good - they have detailed point by point instructions and photographs with info of the paints ie Acyrlics or Oils etc used. Usually have 4 to 7 pages of detailed close ups and general views of a master at work.

That said they are usually of larger scale 1:9th / 10th or 12th.


A very good first buy that is a lot thicker on page count is their Scale Model Handbook WWII special Vol.2, this also has a lot more 35th scale figures and has some marvellous pieces about painting faces and eyes in that scale.


In conclusion worth every penny as they have several masters teaching you amazing skills.

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