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MiG-25RBT, 1/48 ICM

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Just starting up on this kit - and I want to get it right.
I understand from various links on this Forum and others that there is a fix to be applied to make this into an RBT.
Or vice versa - back date the kit to an RB.

So let me verify my findings after spending a(n other) day on Google with you:
Shape a bulge under the nose cone (or use an aftermarket part)
Omit parts C21 & C22 and fill the recesses.
Shorten the upper parts of the air-intakes and cut them flush to the upper end of the intake fairing.
Modify the parashut housing.

Is this a correct summary?

If someone could help with the correct color of the cockpit interior color that would be great as well.
I have seen some postings here that are done in a greenish blue / bluish green color that look very close to references found on the web.
But the instructions call for Tamiya XF-71. This is cockpit green.
My Eduard MiG-21 printed IP has the same color as seen in your threads.
My Eduard SU-27 printed IP is pale grey.

Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Best regards


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Huge can of worms you've just opened there Johan.

I built one earlier this year (thoroughly enjoyed it as it's a cracking kit) and finished mine as an RB.

The cockpit is indeed the usual turquoise type colour and there are some good reference shots out there.

As for the other mods you need to look at the specific aircraft you want to build as they were a right mish-mash of different bits but as a rule the RBT should have the doppler bulge under the nose. You should not need to shorten the intake lip for an RBT.

The actual instrument panel is black.

Unfortunately my photos have been a victim of photobucket so are not on my build to view, I might re-do some later but it takes me ages.

Hope this is of some help.



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Hello Craig,
Thank you fr your reply!
A can of worms it is indeed...

To T or not to T:
My take is that modifications will be required either way.
Since the only actual machine I was able to find references to with regards to the stencils included was Red 46, depicted on the box art as a RBT (funny that...), it is going to be a T.


Regarding the color I found a link at https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/cockpit.shtml that sort of explains my issue with the SU-27 being grey and the MiG-21 being greenish / blue (or Turquoise).

I am now testing MIG's A.MIG-223 (Left) and Tamiya's XF-71 (Right). My own mix (Middle) is running out.

A helpful friend at Finescale forum suggested a ready mixed acrylic paint from MRP: 

Thank you for taking interest and your suggestions!

Best regards


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No problem Johan.

Either of the 2 paint samples on the left are fine, as is the Mr. Paint or Akan pre-mixed,  but the Tamiya is not right at all.

There are some other great builds of this kit in Britmodeller which are well worth checking out, although I'm not sure how many have fallen foul of the photobucket issue.

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Sprue is cut :)
Will be back in the WIP section soon.

BTW, I went for Fotki 100GB, it does come at a cost but it is like a soda in the pub, not even a half pint / month.

Very Bet Regards

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Thank you Tony! Bookmarked :)
I still think that the split between MiG and Sukhoi that the friends at Scalemodeler.com are making is quite interesting, would you agree?

Very Best Regards


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Hi, from which time periode do you want tl build your RB?

I think from 79 also the parabrake housing changes to the newer style!

Very early aircraft, like those deployed to Egypt in ~70 -73 had the old jousing , eaely nose without the bulge and short intake lips....

Hope to finish mine soo ....



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