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Sherman Firefly Project


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Its important to let your models know whose boss, and nothing says 'obey me' like a head on a pole. 263a.png
Nearly finished painting the faces for the Sherman Firefly project. Base colour was done with Vallejo flat flesh, highlights and shading done with oils. 
On now to do the bodies.

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6 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

Superb heads. The eyes are what make them for me.



Me too, that's why I always do them first. There's no point moving on until I get them right. I often have to have a couple of go's before I'm happy with it. 

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9 hours ago, Badder said:

What everyone else said. What kit are the heads?




Different manufacturers. If I remember correctly from left to right they're; Masterbox, Hornet Heads, Resin Models, Hornet Heads, Resin Models, Hornet Heads

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