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1/72 Saturn V

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7 minutes ago, Ken Stenzenko said:

Excellent work and attention to detail as always. Looks great and good to see the F-1's installed.


Thanks a lot. The F-1's are always the best view, aren't they? 😎 I got to get working on the 1/20 scale one before too long...

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Thanks a lot for all the praise guys; I'm very happy you like my little project.


I've had an almost undisturbed day at the workbench, which means progress. First I unmasked the bottom of the S-II stage and made a test fit against both interstages now that all painting is finished.




The bottom dome for the LOX-tank dropped in place with some epoxy glue.




Then work continued with the pipes inside the thrust structure. The center piece is the bottom sump of the LOX-tank. In reality this is part of the tank dome so it will be glued against it when the whole unit is installed. From the sump there are five LOX-pipes to the engines and one LOX fill pipe through the cone. There is also a LH2-pipe coming through the cone to the center engine. As the resin parts and 3D-printed J-2 engines where never meant to fit together I have to cut all pipes slightly to adjust the fit.




Herr is what will really be seen.






Time to glue the complete thrust structure in place. The stage rigged vertically and 5 min epoxy on the tank sump against the tank dome, checking the alignment as the glue settles. Then some small drops of epoxy down at the edge of the cone against the aft skirt.




I managed to fit the thin resin ring between the cone and the aft skirt. The fit between the ring and cone is far from perfect, mainly due to the cone not being perfect in shape, but it will do.




Here is the final test fit to check that the center J-2 engine doesn't interfere with the S-IC top tank dome. I have measured it before, as well as possible when dry fitting, but it's always a bit nervous when all is finally glued. But it was all fine.




The LOX fill pipe outside of the structure cone had to be lengthened and then repainted.




The LH2-pipes to the four outer engines and the LH2-pipe through the cone to the center engine were then installed, and the repainted LOX fill pipe. After that all the electrical boxes were fitted.




Just like the case of the S-IVB thrust structure also the S-II thrust structure is very much cluttered up full of electrical wiring and small pipes, but again I draw my line in 1/72 scale here I think. This will finish the S-II stage.






Before its time to glue the S-IC engine fairings and cover up the green areas and the F-1 engines actuator tripods I took a few more pictures.










Much to my surprise there was only very minimal adjustments needed to the heat shield sections already glued inside the fairings to make them fit. I have feared the moment of fitting the fairings as I expected all sorts of various problems, but it was pretty undramatic.




It's been a lot of work to the take the S-IC thrust structure to this stage, after rejecting the Dragon plastic and the skewed resin parts in the first place, but when sitting back after fitting the fairings it's been very much worthwhile.




5x Rocketdyne F-1 power.






And here's the finished S-IC stage.






That means the as far as I can see it's pretty much done. A full stacking up on the workbench clears the roof with a few cm's to spare. I will have to go through all segments another day to check if something has been missed or needs some adjusting or touching up, then I will try to take some descent photos for the RFI-section.




Is it all finished then? Well, not quite. I'm going to create a horizontal display stand where all segments can be laid up separated but centered, to be used at a show later next year. The plan is a long narrow wooden base with clear acrylic stands. I'm creating this in 3D-cad and then I have a contact that will cut and mill all pieces in a CNC-machine for me. So this thread will continue a little bit more sometime, possibly after New Year.

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  • 3 months later...

I’ve just read through this entire thread. This is absolutely amazing work!


Did you get anywhere yet with the horizontal stand?


Also, I’ve had the Accurate Models F1 in my stash for almost 10 years... have you had any thoughts about starting on yours?

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2 hours ago, dharma66 said:

I’ve just read through this entire thread. This is absolutely amazing work!


Did you get anywhere yet with the horizontal stand?


Also, I’ve had the Accurate Models F1 in my stash for almost 10 years... have you had any thoughts about starting on yours?

Thanks a lot.


I haven't done much more on the horizontal stand I'm afraid, for several different reasons, but right now I haven't put priority on it as it's not yet confirmed the model show it was intended for will be held at all this summer, due to the recent events. I suppose development over the coming month or two will decide this.


Oh, that lovely large F-1 kit... So glad I got one while still possible. I'm not that close to start mine yet, not at this side of summer at least. Unless of course my work load disappears as the world economy struggles, but so far there is no sign of that. Also I think I need to test some more metalizer paints before getting serious with it.



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Not having explored this forum, I just saw your thread and went through it ... 


You've done a superb job on this model! Taking the Dragon kit ( it's a real shame they couldn't do a much, much better job on their Real Space subjects ) and making the decision to NOT use a lot of resin and Dragon parts to create this wonderful Saturn V was a terrific read for me!


The things I appreciate are the problem solving aspects in this hobby and yours is an ex-cell-ent example of this!


I hope we'll soon see the horizontal display and be sure to let us know when it wins Best of Show! It's a beauty!  :clap2:

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I remember the day they walked on the moon, I was sent home from school to watch it on a Black and White Television.

I have also bought one of these kits.  The most expensive kit I have bought that came in the biggest model box I have seen.

I have also spent a fair bit of time reading through this WIP and have come to the conclusion I should have bought my wife some flowers, there would be less grief.

Want to start building the kit, but there seems to be a lot of bits to replace.  $200 for the kit and triple to fix it.

A truly impressive build Bengalensis, I hope mine comes close.



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That is a beautiful clean build.  True credit to you for completing it - it is a massive project.  I particularly like the batted F1s -  I struggled with them while scratching a 72nd SV last year, and did not achieve as good a result as yours.   Congratulations again!







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