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MACO Models closed down

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I was over at Henk of Holland's website yesterday and learned that MACO Models has shut down:


Matthias Conrad is closing down his shop and stopping the MACO line for private reasons. He has had his shop for 18 years and the MACO line for 10 years.
The heavy trailer and the Flak he was working on will not more released.


Rather sad to learn of this as I have several of their kits, all of which I feel are quite unique and of the best quality.  Matthias filled a void in 1/72 with his kits and he will be missed.


I would like to thank Matthias for his contributions to our hobby over all the years and wish him all the best.

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It appears that next year Revell to release one of the ex-Maco kits as 03264 - 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf sWS , this is hopefully the start of perhaps more being released in the future ?

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