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Curtiss Hawk P-36 H 75 P-40 STGB Chat

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Good afternoon

 With the very near release of the AZ/KP Curtiss P-36/H75 Kits and the future release of the Special Hobby P40 family I think it would be fun to have a Gb covering all the different models of Curtiss Hawk fighters starting with the P-36/H75 and ending with the Warhawks and Tomahawks ...

If this Gb gets enough participants it will take place in 2019 all the slots for 2018 are already taken ..



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I was in the previous P-40 GB with the same kit - photos now bucketeed.

I've got another 1/72 Airfix P-40B kit in the stash, and now markings for a Pearl Harbour plane.

I'm in.

Picture added 06 Dec 2017.


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More info
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Good morning guys

 Ok let's start a list



- Corsairfoxfouruncle

- Kallisti

- theplasticsurgeon

- S48

- Beard

- TonyTiger66

- Modelling Minion

- Grandboof

- franky boy

- vppelt68

- Blitz23

- Johnd

- John

- Sabre Days

- wyverns4

- Stew Dapple

- LDSModeller

-  stevehnz

- Wez

- Jockney

- Valkyrie

- Zegeye

- gingerbob

- CliffB


- Possibly Apocryphal




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I'm hoping to get a couple of the new AZ ones.


Please count me in :)


Best regards 


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9 hours ago, Blitz23 said:

Count me in, have a Hobbycraft P-36 in the stash and a Kittyhawk Mk 1


9 hours ago, johnd said:

There's an Airfix P40B lying about that isn't building itself. Might join in if I can find some stickers.



Good morning Blitz23 and johnd

Welcome aboard 



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Oooh count me in for a P-36/H-75!


Possibly a P-40 as well and all may be finished in Latin American markings.


Christian, excited whilst in exile in africa

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