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Object 279 Tracks

Airborne SF

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Hi Folks,  I'm modeling the beast of metal track builds, the Object 279, 4 tracks each with about 90 links per track.  I did not like the plastic links in the kit i bought (Panda) so I bought a set of metal links by MasterClub.  Although the tracks are okay, assembly is a real pain, each link requires drilling and filing to clean up the pin area.  20 links take me over an hour to get assembled and I have nearly 400 to do.  Friulmodel and Spade-Ace do not make Object 279 links, but I found a company called San Xin that does.  Has anybody ever heard of them and can you comment on whether or not they are worth it?  I'm scared to plunk down another $60 US for a second set of tracks.   At this point I might just use the plastic links rather than continue with the Masterclub ones.


Again, thanks in advance for your replies.

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