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Hello, everyone ... a quick shout out to anyone that was following the original thread to my 806 build, ... well, it's done - well as done as it's ever going to be. There is a myriad of details that could be fettled with, and yes lots of prototypicality issues. But this was only ever an exercise in building the Italeri kit, and in my case using it as a means of illustrating an amusing backstory that I'd concocted.


Apologies are perhaps in order because the photo's I include are literally just drive by shots taken to let my head know that it's all done, finished and I can guilt free move on to something else - it's been twenty months in the making and I'm pretty burnt out with it now - so enough with the chit chat ........ here's the pic's ...............................................















































The pic's aren't the best, are they?  - However, if anyone would like to see anything in particular (just noticed there's none of the other side - do'h) ... shout out - I'll  see what I can do?


It only remains for me to Thank all those that encouraged and supported me through the builds darkest hours - the PB crash etc.


So, heartfelt thanks one and all, here's hoping for success in your own individual endeavours ... Cheers!

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Absolutely, completely fantastic model Andi, breathtaking work!! 


Apologies for missing the build thread, just too many to keep up with these days!


Fabulous Fiat!!




PS, I don't see anything wrong with the piccies - the ones on the base (a superb model in its own right) are great, and those against the white background could well pass as a studio shoot of the real thing!

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Marvelous Andi. But no sympathy from me at only 20 months. 38 is my record. :whip:


I have learned your secret for finishes. You do not use paints or powders. You have actual bottles of 'age', 'patina' 'neglect' and 'wear' which you simply open and apply to all the surfaces. I can't figure-out how you know how much to use however...:fraidnot:


Simply marvelous. Hours of viewing pleasure from the layers of detail. Tells quite a story. You are fortunate to enjoy it every day.


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Difficult to find words really, probably one of the best examples of truly creative modelmaking I have seen, it almost has that old car smell of cracked leather and straight mineral oil, bravo...art and storytelling at its best !

I humbly doff my cap to you sir



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so good to see this completed and glad that you took the trouble to present the finished model on here.

I think it's several things, obviously a beautiful piece of model art, a lesson in the art of realistic weathering and, not least, a terrific example of how to execute an idea, or back story in this case.

I always find your models inspiring but you have really surpassed yourself with the FIAT, just awesome.


I look forward to seeing it up close and in person soon !!


All the best, Steve.  

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Truly inspiring build, wonderfully presented, easily the best car build I've seen for a long time. Just itches of stories & intrigue! 

Must try get hold of some of those tyres before I finally tackle mine! Congratulations again 👍👍👍



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Little Andi,

definitely, we can say the Fiat 806 will have generated a lot of interest on the Brit forum. Jeremy the first, then you, and finally me (and maybe others soon) will have given their personal interpretation of this legendary race car.

What to say about your build and your pics? they are amazing, stunning, fascinating, definitely. Ok, your model is far from being true to the original, but I know you don't care. You are a great artist, and you made here what we may call a free adaptation. The pics are somptuous, with very light shadows and they reveal the breadth of your talent. Incredible weathering technique, that I would like to be able to do.

My build is on the contrary a true to original replica, on which the sculpture work (to make all the corrections necessary) has taken probably the largest part, up to the representation of Pietro Bordino, from a figure of Sir Lawrence.

Diversity is a wealth, and it is very good that our models are so different. They are different because model making is an art, and the same subject, in the eyes of such or such artist, gives logically very different results.

I regretted what happened on the Gangshow, I have never wanted to "highjack" your thread, and I never felt threatened by the talent of others.

Congrats again for your wonderful fantasy interpretation, I really love it!

No offense



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