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Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew (HS-007) 1:35


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Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew (HS-007)

1:35 Meng Model




It's all very well getting the latest tooled model of a stunning T-90A from Meng like the one we reviewed here, but without crew they lack a human scale, and can seem somewhat blank.  Modern Russian crew members have been a little thin on the ground, so now we have a number of modern kits to choose from, it's appropriate that we also have crew members to place in and around them.






Meng's Human series has been slowly expanding over the years, and this latest offering from them fills the void above, with five crew figures (or relevant parts thereof) that arrive in a figure-sized box in their usual satin finish.  A painting of the chaps adorns the front of the box, and drawings of them are found on the rear, together with paint and part numbers to assist you with your endeavours.  Two scrap drawings also show where the two crew stands can be placed, using the T-90A as an example.  Inside the box is a single sprue that rattles about a bit due to the small size, and that probably has you wondering about how they managed to fit the five figures into such a small space.  That's easily explained by looking at the rear of the box, as although you do get three full figures, the forward crew – driver and radio operator only poke their heads and shoulders over their hatches, so that's all you get.  That and a pair of stands that will let them sit at the right height in their hatches.  Sculpting is excellent, although as usual with Meng figures, the moulding seams are prominent, but with a Moulding Flash Sander chucked into your Dremel that shouldn't be too vexing.





A very useful set indeed that can doubtless be adapted to use with other appropriate vehicles.  The price is quite pocket-friendly too :)


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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