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DH Devon - 1/144 - Welsh Models Vacform

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This little kit has been bugging me for a long time so I decided it was time to give it a go. It's the Welsh Models Vacform DH 104 Devon in 1/144 scale.


I'd like to start with the (generally) required box shot but it just comes in a wee, clear plastic bag and here's the mammoth set of instructions:




And the "kit" itself?




Marked up for the worrying part of separation:




The worrying part of separation over, all snapped off in clean peices:





Let the worrying part of sanding commence:





Almost there for the fuselage, another ba' hair off should do it.





The vacform comes with two internal bulkheads (The two oval discs between the wing and fuselage on the right of the second pic) but I don't know what scale they are, they certainly won't fit inside this thing so that's it for now until I get them sorted out to size. 

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I'm in the process of building the Welsh Models Herald so can empathise with your efforts. The use of a blob of whit- tack as a sanding handle seems like a good idea. I made handles out of tape when I was sanding down the Herald but the tape came away each time after just a short period of sanding. Next time I build a vac form I'll try the white-tack technique.

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Nice to see a vacform underway. I get fed up of the endless sanding so to reduce it I've started scraping the edges with a sharp blade to shave the excess down before sanding the last bit. Certainly speeds things up!

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Wee update:


Whilst whittling new bulkheads I started drilling and cutting out the windows. 




Also because 1) I got bored slicing minute slivers of plastic from the windows and 2) because I have absolutely no patience, I decided to separate the fuselage door from the fuselage.


I drilled out and squared off the door window then clamped the fuselage very, very gently in my vice and sawed the door out with thread.





Nice neat cut:





And mated back to the fuselage to see if it still fits:




Just need to seal up the slice from the window hole to the outline cut and then start detailing. I think I'll use the door itself cos I'm a lazy git but I have a horrible feeling that the door outline I followed was incorrect on the fuselage and the door shape is wrong. I suspect it should be equidistant at the top and bottom.          :o



Then it was back to the drilling, slicing, sanding, drilling, slicing, sanding, drilling... Ach, you get the idea.           :tired:

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Great start, and the door shape is almost correct. Check this photo to see if you can live with it as is, I could especially if it was going to be a hassle to correct. HTH


DH Dove photo

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Thanks John.


I had been collecting reference pics and had a good look at a few of them. The door will be open so I'll just live with it as is. I might trim the doorway to a slightly better shape but it's not that far off and in this scale is very hard to tell without a huge picture.           :nah:




So, been busy tonight drilling, slicing, sanding, drilling, slicing, sanding, drilling etc...


All the windows are now cut out and a floor added to the exit.


I was thinking of scratching a cockpit for it then decided that nothing would be seen once the windows were in. About the same time I realised that this thing probably stood little to no chance of sitting correctly on its nose wheel and the model would have a permanent 45 degree angle to the sky. 


So... I made a new front bulkhead out of lead sheet, added a lead floor to the cockpit, added a chunk of lead to seat the front wheel into, added lead pilot seats, added a lead IP and yokes then filled as much as I could with Liquid Ballast. If it tail sits after all that then it chuffin' well deserves to!               :wacko:





The doorway just looks bad here due to camera angle... Honest guv.




And all the bits done so far:







Hopefully I'll get more done over the weekend.


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Didn't get much done at the weekend.     


Here's the latest:


New rear bulkhead made and shelves added. New rear centre bulkhead made and door cut out. 


Edges masked with Copydex and interior sprayed with Tamiya Royal Light Grey then Copdex removed. Sorry for the poor picture.








Pilot seats painted blue. I reckon once the fuselage is put together nothing inside will be seen.




Seats with armrests made from spare vacform plastic and rod. Painted Tamiya Royal Blue with light grey seat belts (very colour coordinated). Elsan toilet made from some plastic rod.





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Thanks Zac, I'm quite enjoying the build... So far anyway.    :wink:



Got a bit more done tonight. Decided to stop wasting time thinking about doing something and just actually do it.


Seats, toilet and internal door are now fitted:




Some black bits (radio sets?) added on the shelves just inside the outer doorway.




And finally glued the fuselage together:









I'm not quite convinced I got the fuselage halves sanded down to equal thickness but hey, it's done now. 


I think I'm going to have some serious fun getting it all nice and smooth along the join lines.






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Okay, so life has been busy but I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted build pics.      :blush:


There's been a huge amount of filling and sanding, checking. Filling and sanding, checking. Filling and sanding, checking etc... I've no doubt you know how it goes.






Getting the engine nacelles to fit the wings was great fun and involved lots of... Filling and sanding, checking. Filling and sanding, checking etc


This is the current state of play. Painted with Halfords radiator white and Tamiya light aircraft grey. Also trying to get the blue cheat line on. This is Tamiya royal blue sprayed on decal paper then sprayed with Halfords clear lacquer. Unfortunately I'm not getting a clean enough cut line on the decal edge so I'll have to try again.




Whilst I'm waiting for everything to dry and to save my sanity I'm also building a Revell Micro Wings 1/144 Douglas SBD Dauntless and a 1/144 Welsh Models Vacform Scimitar F1

... Actually, I can't believe I said "to save my sanity"...           :drunk:



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Managed to finally get clean cut edges so Cheat Line added. New scratch built props (very delicate) and spinners made because the vacform ones were useless:









Slowly getting there...

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Brilliant! And a wonderful little aeroplane, brings back memories. I’d love one of these in 1/72!

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That has really come on since I last dropped by Murdo, you have made a great job of the scratch interior.

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Remember having to wash these in the evenings after carting VIPs around the place.  Had to be careful not to touch the white paint or would need to wash the whole side of the aircraft!  The riggers had the joy of emptying the racasan recliner for which they could claim Sandu (sanitary duties - about a whopping £2 in 1982!

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Thanks guys!


This is how I made the new prop spinners. The electric drill was just about okay as a lathe but it was hard to get the curve smooth.





I then shaped some flat plastic for the props and used a small bit of card to raise them slightly on the spinner so they weren't sitting on the lower edge of it when glued in place.

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