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Gaugemaster - GM141 -Meadow Mat Meadow 6mm Grass - opinions??


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Hi All,


i'm looking to use a grass mat for an easy base for a newly completed Airfix Spitfire Mk1a 1/24 scale.

i've never done a base before but this one is going to be very basic.... just the mat glued to a board.


has anyone any experience of these mats? ↓




i'm thinking 6mm grass.... @ 1/24 scale that would be about right but i'm worried the grass might 'take over' the overall look. i think the mats also come with 3mm grass.


are the mats 'acceptable' looking?

should i get 6mm or 3mm?


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10 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Id go with the 6mm. Then you can mat it down in some spots to look like heavy traffic areas. Like foot paths and wheel indents from parked aircraft.

Thank you very much.

& i was thinking it would be nice to have some wheel tracks in the grass so cheers for that info too :-)


happy days.

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