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Airfix Jet Provost T3

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How's it going? Good choice of kit and good to see you're a Rick and Morty fan! :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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Great choice of model. 

Airfix have done a nice job on this.


Canopy already masked up and the main 'fiddly' painting done.


Great forward planning :thumbsup2: 


Best regards 


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Hi All,


1 hour ago, Hockeyboy76 said:

I have one of these in the stash. How's it building?


err... well, I really I haven't built much of it yet - I'll let you know.


So the paint is still not dry - very sticky to touch, but I must press on.


The cockpit:-




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I'm getting hungry now so a traditional London meal of Pie and Mash, no Liqour though -YUK! - and a pint.




(actually the pie tastes better than it looks - it's yesterdays left-overs).

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Hi All,


Now it's starting to come together.



It's an easy build, a little bit filler required in the places you'd expect - but nothing major.


I thought I'd be at this stage by about 11 -12 o'clock - dang paint! so the superhero option is off the table, but otherwise so far so good.



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Hi All,


Well that's it for today.




I've rubbed down the seams, applied a little filler, added the aerials and pitot and given the tyres some more NATO Black.


On the to do list next is:- 


Re-paint the Ejection Seat handles

On with the canopy

Rub down the filler

Wipe off the dust with isopropyl alcohol


mask off the glare panel

airbrush with Lt Aircraft Grey

gloss coat

decals on

undercarriage on

semi-gloss coat



......and relax.



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Yep, once you make a list you are doomed. Let's hope that the countervailing builders laws* take over!





* we want to get paid, so let's call it done!

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This took far too long.







It was hard work to get the paint on - airbrushing blues.


Still got there in the end.


8 hours to get the decals on.

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