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Thanks again all, very much appreciated.


Paul, while not easily seen the main escape hatch is missing on the model directly below where the pilot sits. Saying that, combats reports did indicate that the gunners top hatch was jettisoned but that would of taken me out of my comfort level chopping up canopy parts.... :D 

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On 25/08/2017 at 6:31 PM, tc2324 said:

15th September 1940


Sgt Ray Holmes flying Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 from 504 Sqn rams Dornier Do 17z F1+FH from KG 76 in a last ditch attempt to bring the bomber down before it can make what he believes is a bombing run on Buckingham Palace. 
























...... and now a couple of shots of each aircraft without the prop blur.














Both kits are 1/48 scale, the Hurricane being Airfix, while the Do 17 in ICM.


Thanks for looking.

The wonderful thing about modelling is that you use a kit as a 3D blank canvas, completing the finished model as you wish. The most complex finishes are dioramas and vignettes depicting historical events.


Those which used aircraft are often depicted as ground based - in flight ones aren't common, but in this one, you've taken it to an amazing level.


I love this as it  re- enacts one of the most daring ways to bring down a foe - the deliberate ramming by another aircraft. During the Battle of Britain, I know of three occasions - this one, a Hurricane v Me109 and the disputed Anson v He111.


In the latter, Sgt Bruce Hancock, a trainee pilot with 6FTS was doing circuits around  RAF Windrush when he hit a Heinkel III which was bombing the airfield. Many believe it was a deliberate act, officialdom seems otherwise. Sadly none of the aircrew survived and Sgt Hancock was only found the day after.



Thank you for sharing🖒🖒.






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Again, thank you all for the comments. :yes:


Radpole, during my research I discovered a number of collisions taking place with the overall being accidental rather than on purpose. 

Another Hurricane and Dornier colliding was on July 10th when F/O Higgs of 111 Sqn took the wing off of one during a head on attack. Unfortunately while he baled out of his stricken aircraft, he was drowned in the Channel.


Thanks for the comment.



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You're more than welcome- being born on the 10th July, I have a deep interest in the history of the Battle of Britain, the more I learn of it the more I appreciate not only the contribution of those who fought in the air battles, but that of those on the ground, from the young to the old.🖒 

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