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As tated in the build thread, here are some hastily-taken, and not very good photos of my "Whacked Out Wild Weasel" build. So named because of the plastic mayhem needed to make a good kit out of the Trumpeter F-100 offering.


In  fact, the fact that it's the Trumpete kit is probably the only thing that sets if off from other builds of the F-100F -- that and the fact that most of the pics have disappeared from most of the other builds on-line!


Without further ado, the pics:




















Anyway, it's the last on of THESE I'll ever build!


Hope you find them interesting. Here is the link to the build thread: Linky





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So you finally got there, Ed. Well done. Is it a well earned rest now or do you have something else in the factory?



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Hi Martin,


Yes, glad to be done. Taking a week or so off. Have many aircraft in the partially completed stage, so I may just do some RFI's, but I do have several candidates for next WIP -- just haven't decided yet. You know how it is, you start something, then get lured away by something else. I have the Trumpeter F-100D build-up yet to go, but probably not as a full-blown WIP, and probably not for a while.


Yes, celt -- just some dust and grime; not sure how bird that was flown hard, but only for 4 months should look. Just a guess, so I left off the paint chipping/peeling/burning.



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