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modern blue decals for twin otter 1/72 revell kit

Tim K

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Typical isn't it? I have been to Barra on four occasions in this decade and promised myself that I would one day build the Flybe Twin Otter. I never got round to building the Twin Otter until five months ago -


Then guess what happens? Flybe and LoganAir part company and means a change of livery......


26 Decals provided my Flybe decals (http://www.26decals.com/72-115-Flybe-DHC-6-Twin-Otter-laser-decal) so perhaps one day they will do the latest LoganAir version. Means I have to buy another Twin Otter now....


Good luck with your search!



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3 hours ago, Tim K said:

First posting requesting help. My grandson was very lucky to fly from Barra by Twin Otter operated by LoganAir. I cannot find any such decals to model this aircraft




Hope the link works it should take you to a photo of Loganair twin otter at Barra airport




There are no decals available for the Twotter in the HIAL scheme.  Two Six Decals do British Airways as well as the Flybe scheme mentioned by Dave C.  S&M Decals (available from AJ Aviation in West Drayton) do a few sheets but again not HIAL.


If you're handy with the masking tape it should be possible to paint the basic HIAL livery using Two Six's vinyl window masks but that would still leave you with the problem of sourcing registrations, logos and "Operated by Loganair" titles. 

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Many thanks for advice sadly confirms my simple research! Will let you know as my model progresses but know as soon as its finished (my other half says put 3 exclamation marks) the decals will be released!!!

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Out of curiosity what does "H&S" have to do with anything?  Barra Airport is licensed by the CAA who obviously accept that the beach meets the necessary criteria for the safe operation of small commercial aircraft.

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