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Realistic 1/35 trees?

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I am currently working on a diorama for a country road with a Sherman tank driving over it. I have all the materials I need and I wanted to have a medium size birch tree in the background. I have searched high and low and cannot find a realistic tree kit. Does anyone know of any good manufacturers or suppliers out there? 

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An obvious question perhaps, but have you looked in the Model Railway magazines for scenic suppliers, specifically for O gauge?  One point to consider is that even a medium tree will be very large compared to your Sherman, so perhaps a larger tree from a smaller scale would suffice?

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Make your own you lazy :poop:!


Personally, I think buying a 'ready made' tree is cheating. But then I would say that because I've been making one for a couple of weeks now. If I'd gone for a Silver Birch, I'd have had it finished a week ago.  


I'm looking forward to seeing your diorama.






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