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Sopwith Triplane, Revell, 1:72

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This one is now in the cabinet. I'm very pleased at how she's turned out, especially given the quality of the original kit. 

 Major modifications included scratchbuilt interior, undercarriage and tail surfaces, replacement engine, prop, and wheels (all from the HR Models Pup kit), and Aeroclub Vickers gun. The fuselage was widened at the rear and cut out to open up the tail section, the cockpit opening was reshaped, and the rear decking was reskinned with embossed 5 thou card. The cowling was narrowed at the front by inserting a ring of plastic card, and the cooling slots were drilled out. I also removed the lumps on the struts which Revell provide to mount the wings on, and thinned the struts considerably. 

 The full build log is here.


 The model represents N5493 "Blymp" flown by Flt Lt RA Little of 8 (Naval) Squadron, St Eloi, France, May 1917. "Bob" Little was Australia's highest scoring ace with a total of 47 kills, 24 of which were on the Triplane. He was killed in action on the night of 27th May 1918. While searching for Gotha bombers a searchlight inadvertantly caught him and a Gotha gunner got off a burst at him. One bullet hit him in both thighs, and he made a forced landing behind French lines. However by the time he was found next morning, he had bled to death.
 Little also flew, and scored victories with, Sopwith Pup N5182 ,which is on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon.






















 I hope you like her!


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Your re-worked Revell Triplane is outstandingly excellent.  I personally can appreciate the work you have put into this - I've built and modified (nowhere near your standard though) this particular kit and can relay how awful the original kit is.


Your modification work really shows through here and it looks every inch a tripehound.





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Gentlemen, many, many thanks for such appreciative responses!

It's nice to know so many approve of my little Tripe!  It was a fun build, but certainly one of the trickier ones I've done - removing the wing mounting lugs on the struts didn't make life easy, but I think it was worth it!

 Although a very basic kit, I don't think it's quite up there with the Merlin Fokker DI and DII I did recently for "WTF?" factor though!


Many thanks again,



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22 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

How beautiful is that? wonderful finish Ian, you can be very pleased with yourself.:penguin::penguin::penguin: She's three dancing penguins good. 



thanks Johnny, sounds  better than a chilli-propelled Puffin!


11 hours ago, TheBaron said:

There now. What a thing!

Kudos to you Ian for such coruscant work.

A visual delight tempered by sadness at the back story.


Thanks Tony, another new word for my vocabulary!




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