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A 1/48 scale Eduard's rendition of the Airfix E.E. Lightning. Both Airfix and the Eduard kit 1134 can also be made as a F.3.

Since the Eduard kit has greyish PE for the cockpit you better build a F.3. Also the lack of good panels for any Aden gun tipped the scale towards a F.3.


Together with Cutting Edge decals 48076, Dmold intake ring, Q-M-T wheels and a Master-in-Miniature pitot tube resulted in this.
Some different Alclad2 and Mr. Color paints, which were a closer matched red with the decals than the Mr.Paint version.


If you build this kit, beware of the cable ducts being in the wrong position. They should be some 1,5 cm more aft than instructed. I got it wrong and discovered it too late.





























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Excellent work ... 👌 yours is just another example of great work. Thanks for the tip. Several of us have also figured out the over reach with the ducting on our airfix lightnings. Some of us to late to fix and its been discussed quite a bit in some of the WIP's. 

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21 hours ago, _H_ said:

That is stunning! I love the Shock cone/radar cone. Is that decal or amazing paintwork?


Great model, REALLY great!



It's indeed a dark yellow Kevlar (automotive) decal with a thin misting of Mr.Paint Olive Drab on top. I deliberately wanted to show some kind of structure through the paint and a grimy look. Also the decal is still visible (left side) to further give a fiberglass and not uniform look.


Thanks for liking it gentlemen!



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Great Lightning, in my favourite scheme! Lovely job. I just discovered the cable duct positioning thing myself on my recent F3 build - but don't let it bother you! Your Lightning is stunning and a real inspiration!

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